Book Series About Indiana

Book Series About Indiana
Book Series About Indiana
Indiana Museum Series 
Indiana's museums tell the fascinating story of its history and culture. The Indiana Museum Series tells the story of these museums.

Indiana County Travel and History Series
Enjoy and learn Indiana's fascinating history by visiting each of Indiana's 92 counties. This series introduces you to the wonderful history and places in Indiana. 

Indiana Court House Series
The county form of government dates back to England. The colonists brought the local government organization with them when they began settling in North America. Indiana has ninety-two counties and each has its own county seat and courthouse. The Guide to Indiana County Seats and Courthouses Series tells the story of Indiana’s counties. 
Indiana Road Trip Travel Guide Series
Explore Indiana with this series of short road trips

Indiana State Park Series
The Indiana State Park Travel Guide Series provides potential visitors with the information they need to enjoy family friendly Indiana State Parks. Indiana’s State Park system is one of the finest in the United States. With great hiking trails, history, camping and nature, there is something for everyone at an Indiana State Park.

Hoosier History Stories
Each of the two volumes of the 366 Days in Indiana History Series includes three hundred and sixty-five days of Indiana history. Hoosier history buffs will enjoy  the 732 stories in these two volumes of Indiana history stories, some of which are little known, while others are important benchmarks in Indiana history.

Exploring Indiana's Highways and Back Roads Series
Explore Indiana's  highways and back roads, learning Hoosier history and finding exciting things to see. The Exploring Indiana's Highways and Back Roads Series will help you find many hidden gems for you to enjoy.

Indiana Bicentennial History Road Trip Series
Celebrate Indiana in style as you wander through history using Indiana Bicentennial History Road Trip Guide Series. This guide is part of the Indiana Bicentennial History Road Trip Guide Series. The nine books in this series lists every Historic Marker, Indiana Historic Site and most of the museums found in Indiana

Indiana Bicentennial History Series
Learn about Indiana history a day at a time. Ideal for history lovers or home school history teachers, A Day in Indiana History – June teaches the historical facts about Indiana in an easy to understand format.

Indiana History Time Line
Discover Indiana’s history as it unfolds from pre-history until the beginning of the American experiment. The Indiana History Time Line Series presents the unfolding saga of Indiana’s fascinating history in an easy to follow time line. Readers will learn both famous and forgotten, obscure events in Indiana’s story.

 Books About Indiana

 Indiana History Travel Guide Series

Indiana Small Town Series
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