Versailles State Park Swimming Pool

Versailles State Park Swimming Pool
1387 E US Highway 50
Versailles, IN 47042-8321
(812) 689-5606

$2.00 daily pool admission per person. $35.00 Swimming Permit good for 25 daily pool admissions. Swimming at beaches is free. $.25 Lockers (where available).
Lifeguards are on duty at all swimming pools.
NOTE: Depending on lifeguard availability, many swimming pools reduce hours of operation in the early and late parts of the season. Contact the property directly for specific hours of operation.
A Swim at Your Own Risk policy is in effect at all beaches except at Indiana Dunes State Park.
Swimming pools and the beaches may close toward the end of the summer season when lifeguards are unavailable.
Pool hours may vary by property. For any up-to-the minute changes, contact the property you plan to visit. Property phone numbers can be found in the Indiana Recreation Guide.
For pool operations, all infants, toddlers or small children who are not "potty trained" shall be required to wear an elasticized swim diaper before entering the pool area.
Fecal incidents may result in closure of the pool. These closures can last from several hours to 24 hours.
For children age 12 and under to enter a beach or pool area they must be supervised by someone age 16 or older.

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