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Author Paul R. Wonning considers himself an "Indiana Hound," because he likes to "sniff" out the interesting places and history of Indiana and then use his books to reveal them to his readers. He also enjoys gardening, American history and dabbles in writing fantasy and humorous fiction.

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  1. I'm related to the Enlow's who moved to Southern Indiana from KY. My great great great great Grandpa was David Enlow from Ky born in 1790. and his son David Enlow born about 1828 or 1829 in Southern In or ILL. David Sr. had at least 2 differen wives . One a Mary on One a Lucinda I believe The Enlows are on my mother's father's side .I believe they are the ones who had the Mill .I am trying to find David sr. parents. My family kept records so we know some information David jr married a Sarah Jane Ray and a Emliy Leeman maiden name Taylor from md to Ambrose Taylor and Md David Enlow David Sr's son if you could give my any information on this family would be so helpful. Thank-you Vick


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