Indianapolis Artsgarden/Visitor Center

Indianapolis Artsgarden/Visitor Center
Indianapolis Artsgarden
Indianapolis Artsgarden
The Artsgarden is the centerpiece of downtown Indianapolis, spanning the busy Washington/Illinois intersection. It serves as the site for numerous events, concerts and art shows throughout the year. Visitors will also find a visitor center with many brochures, maps and books about Indianapolis and Marion County. A staffer on answers questions and provides information to curious tourists.
The Artsgarden

Exploring Indiana's Historic Sites, 

Designed by the New York architectural firm Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects, the 19,000 square foot Artsgarden spans the intersection of Washington and Illinois Streets. The Lily Endowment funded the twelve million dollar construction cost in 1995. Two 185-foot steel plate girders support the structure seventeen feet above the intersection. The top of the structure stands seven stories, or ninety-five feet above the floor of the Artsgarden. Over 32,000 square feet of glass covers the structure. 
Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects
Founded in 1959 in Berkley, California by Ezra Ehrenkrantz as the Building Systems Development, the company underwent a series of mergers as it grew. Ehrenkrantz opened an office in New York in 1972, naming it the Ehrenkrantz Group. The company specializes in urban development, school and campus design and historic preservation, among other things. The company maintains offices in New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Shanghai, China.

The Artsgarden serves primarily as a pedestrian walkway that allows people to travel, unimpeded by weather or traffic, across the busy Washington/Illinois Street intersection. It connects the downtown Circle Center Mall with hotels and other businesses on both sides of the street.
Events and Concerts
Event Area - Artsgarden
Event Area - Artsgarden

The Arts Council hosts over 250 events per year in the Artsgarden. These events range from free art exhibits to public concerts. The Artsgarden may also be rented for private parties, weddings and corporate events.
Fabulous Views of City
View of Downtown Indianpolis - Artsgarden
View of Downtown Indianpolis - Artsgarden

The 32,000 square feet of glass that enclose the structure afford some magnificent views of downtown Indianapolis down both Illinois and Washington Streets. Benches are provided for visitors to sit and watch traffic pass under them along both streets.
It is possible to rent the Artsgarden for weddings. It has proven a popular nuptial venue. Rental fees from weddings and events support the various public arts programs that occur in the Artsgarden.
Arts Council of Indianapolis
The Arts Council of Indianapolis owns the Artsgarden and manages it. For more information about the Arts Council, contact:
Arts Council of Indianapolis
924 N. Pennsylvania St. (Mailing Address),
1 North Illinois (Physical Address of the Artsgarden)
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 631-3301

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