Hoosier Dusty Files - January 18, 1850 – Governor Signs Law for Constitutional Delegate Election

A Year of Indiana History - 2016
A Year of Indiana History - 2016

January 18, 1850 – Governor Signs Law for Constitutional Delegate Election 
As per the electoral mandate delivered by the voters of Indiana on the August 6, 1849 Referendum, The Indiana General Assembly passed an act calling for the assembly of a Constitutional Convention. Indiana Governor Paris C. Dunning continued a process begun by his predecessor Governor James Whitcomb by signing the legislation approving the election of delegates to amend or revise the old constitution or write a new one.
James Whitcomb (December 1, 1795 – October 4, 1852)
The eighth governor of Indiana, Whitcomb called for a new constitution for Indiana in 1848. His repeated calls led to the Indiana General Assembly calling for a referendum for the voters to decide the matter. He resigned the governorship in 1848 to take an Indiana Senate seat for which he won election.
Paris C. Dunning (March 15, 1806 – May 9, 1884)
The only person to hold every elected position in Indiana under the 1816 Constitution, Dunning took control as Indiana’s ninth governor during a time of Constitutional change. He had served as Whitcomb's Lieutenant Governor and stepped into the position of Governor when Whitcomb resigned to take a seat in the United States Senate. He signed the legislation authorizing the election of delegates on January 18, 1850.
Election of Delegates
The election was set for the first Monday in August, which was the date of the general elections under the old Constitution. This day fell on August 6, 1850. The number of delegates was fixed at 150. This number included one member from each of Indiana's Senatorial districts to total 50 and 100 from Indiana's representative districts. The Convention would begin meeting on the first Monday in October and was charged with revising, amending or new modeling the old constitution.
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