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Hoosier Dusty Files - December 29, 1885 - Indiana Academy of Science Organized

A Year of Indiana History - 2016
A Year of Indiana History - 2016

December 29, 1885 - Indiana Academy of Science Organized
Archeologist and zoologist Amos W. Butler's efforts to form an organization to share scientific information and serve as a communications network with other state scientists began in 1884. His work culminated with the formation of the Indiana Academy of Science in 1885.
Amos W. Butler (March 11, 1810 - 1937)
The son of William Wallace Butler and Hannah (Wright) Butler, Amos was native to Brookville, Indiana in Franklin County. Butler attended local schools in Brookville and then attended Brookville College. After a year or so at Brookville College, Butler attended Hanover College and spent a year in Mexico in the official capacity of a member of the United States legation there. He actually spent a great deal of time doing scientific fieldwork, mostly zoology and archeology. Butler spent several years in the insurance industry before completing his college education. After completing his education, he commenced his lifelong work in archeology and zoology. He would found the Brookville Society of Natural History in 1881 and gave lectures at many universities around the state, including Indiana University, Purdue and others. He also became active in the prison reform and mental hygiene fields. He belonged to an impressive list of scientific and scholastic organizations. The Amos Butler Audubon Society in Indianapolis derives its name from him. He became frustrated by the lack of shared scientific knowledge.
Indiana Academy of Science
After communication with various scientists around Indiana, Butler used his Brookville Society of Natural History to mold a new organization, the Indiana Academy of Science. The town hall at Brookville served as the site where much of the initial organizational work occurred. The prospective members of this new society met on December 29, 1885 in the Marion County Courthouse, Indianapolis. The approximately forty attendees composed the new society's constitution and by-laws. The society would incorporate on December 21, 1887. The Society has contributed greatly to health care, disease control, food law development as well as many other accomplishments for Indiana citizens.
For more information about the Society, contact:
Indiana Academy of Science
650 W. Washington
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 974-0827

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