Hoosier Dusty Files - December 23, 1837 - Company Orgaized to Mine Coal – Cannalton, Perry County Cannelton

A Year of Indiana History - 2016
A Year of Indiana History - 2016

December 23, 1837 - Company Orgaized to Mine Coal – Cannalton, Perry County
Cannelton began as a company town for workers employed by the American Cannel Coal Company in 1837. The founders of the company built cabins that housed almost a dozen families. The American Cannel Coal Company handled real estate transactions, quarried stone and mined coal. Half of the town burned in 1839 and in 1841, the stockholders of the mine left. A new group of men bought the mine, including the only one that lived in Cannelton, Francis Yates Carlile. Carlile surveyed the town in 1841 and conducted a poll among the residents for a new name. The residents chose the name Cannelton, a name that reflected the type of coal found in the area.  Most of the residents used this name, anyway, so Cannleton it became in 1844.
Boating enthusiasts can access the Cannelton Locks and Dam "lake" in the town. The 114-mile "lake" within the channel of the Ohio River stretches all the way to Louisville. Visitors can also enjoy the Cannelton Heritage Festival in October each year.
Cannelton is located on Indiana State Road 66 about twenty-two miles east of its intersection with US 231.
To learn more about the shopping, dining and lodging options of Cannelton, visit:
Cannelton Foundation
PO BOX 124
Cannelton, Indiana 47520
Cannelton Locks & Dam
Bob Cummings - Lincoln Trail Bridge
Completed on December 21, 1966, the Lincoln Trail Bridge uses Indiana State Road 237 to span the Ohio River at Cannelton. The bridge connects to US 60 on the Kentucky side.
Lafayette Spring
Perry County Olde Courthouse Museum
Air Crash Memorial Site

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