Thursday, August 4, 2016

Indiana Photo of the Day - Lake Lonidaw - Potawatami Nature Preserve , Pokagon State Park

Lake Lonidaw - Potawatami Nature Preserve
Lake Lonidaw - Potawatami Nature Preserve 
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The 256 acre Pottawattamie Nature Preserve is located within the boundaries of Pokagon State Park. The Preserve is on the southeastern and eastern portion of the park. A natural kettle lake, cattail marshes, sedge meadows, tamarack and yellow birch swamps and adjoining uplands covered with hardwoods are all included in this Nature Preserve. The lake, Lake Lonidaw, is located on a spur just off Trail 3 that runs along the western edge of the preserve. Two other trails, 6 and 9, run through it also.

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