This Day in Indiana History - April 29, 1969 - John F. Kennedy Visits Columbus, Indiana

A Day in Indiana History - April

On a campaign swing that included the Indiana cities of Seymour, Columbus and Kokomo, then Senator John F. Kennedy stopped for a few memorable hours as he campaigned for the Presidency. His stop began at a farm just outside Columbus, where he greeted a sizable group of supporters. Kennedy suffered from a bout of laryngitis after his months of speaking. He signed notes he handed out to the crowd that informed people of his condition. From the farm, he traveled to the city hall to meet with the mayor. After his visit to city hall, he visited Columbus High School for a visit with the students. By mid-afternoon, he departed for Kokomo, Indiana. Kennedy went on to win the Bartholomew County primary and later the Democratic nomination for President. He won the Presidency in November 1960.