White River - West Fork

White River - West Fork

The West Fork of the White River is considered the main fork of the river, which is approximately 312 miles long. The East Fork of the White River begins in White River Township south of Winchester, Indiana in Randolph County just a few miles from the Indiana/Ohio River. The West Fork of the White River ends at its juction with the East Fork of the White River, forming the White River, at the junction of Daviess, Knox and Pike counties. The West Fork forms the western boundary of Daviess County. The West Fork flows through Randolph, Delaware, Madison, Hamiliton, Marion, Morgan, Monroe County, Owen, Greene and Daviess Counties on its southwesterly journey across the state. The West Fork of the White River flows past three Indiana State Parks, Mounds, near Anderson, White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis and McCormick's Creek State Park near Spencer Indiana.

White River - West Fork in Monroe County
Approximately 5 miles

The West Fork of the White River forms a portion of the northwestern boundary of Monroe County. Texas Ridge Road runs alongside it on its western length for almost a mile..

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