Griffy Lake Nature Preserve

Griffy Lake Nature Preserve
3300 N. Headley Road.
Bloomington, IN
Boathouse Phone: (812) 349-3732

Griffy Lake Nature Preserve has 1,179 acres off N. Dunn St. and consists of a 109 acre lake. The Griffy Lake Nature Preserve Boathouse is located at 3300 N. Headley Road.

The scenic woodlands teem with wild flora and fauna in this 1,179 acre Nature Preserve. Swimming is prohibited and to protect wildlife, all dogs must remain leashed while in the preserve.

Griffy Lake Nature Preserve Hiking trails:
Wetlands Trail (.3 mi., non-loop),
Nature Trail (.4 mi., loop),
Griffy Creek Trail (.5 mi., non-loop),
Hiking Trail (1.6 mi., loop).
All trail surfaces are wood chip and/or dirt. Trail guides are available at the Bloomington Parks and Recreation office and the Griffy Lake Boathouse. Please remain on marked trails. Dogs must remain leashed at all times. Mountain biking, horseback riding and off-road vheicles are prohibited.

Parking Areas: 65 spaces at Boathouse, 20 off Dunn

Play Fields: Off N. Dunn

Restrooms: Next to boathouse, open to public during boathouse hours of operation

Also: Four tables by the Boathouse

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