Cedar Bluff Nature Preserve

Cedar Bluff Nature Preserve
South Ketcham Road

Cedar Bluff Nature Preserve features a 75-foot high limestone bluff and gnarled red cedars clinging to cliffs, Cedar Bluffs Nature Preserve provides a stunning display of species adaptation and survival in a harsh environment. At its eastern end, the bluff narrows and drops off into a rock-walled valley cut by a small tributary stream of Clear Creek. This canyon protects a lavish spring wildflower display and exhibits remarkable rock formations.

Directions to Cedar Bluff Nature Preserve from Bloomington, Indiana. Drive south on Walnut Street until it turns into Old Indiana State Road 37. Cross Indiana State Road 37 and continue driving south on Old Indinana State Road 37. Turn right onto South Ketchem Road. This is less than a mile from the intersection with Indiana State Road 37. Keep to the right and continue on South Ketcham Road for approximately four miles. You will pass West Fluck Mill Road and West Cedar Bluff Road. Parking is off to the right of the road less than a mile from West Cedar Bluff Road. The preserve is on the left. An alternate entrance is off Cedar Bluff Road. Just take a left off South Ketcham Road when you reach Cedar Bluff Road. Parking is located at the entrance to the preserve.

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The Nature Conservancy

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