Sunman/Milan Indiana Driving Tour

Sunman/Milan Driving Tour

Milan Town Hall
Milan Town Hall

Begin at Milan Town Hall, 211 Carr Street
Go west toward Main Street
MM .1 LT on Main Street
Cross CSX Railroad
Go north through Milan
MM .8 Intersect Indiana State Road 350 - RT
MM .9 Intersect Indiana State Road 101
MM 3.9 SR 101 makes hard right turn,
MM 5.1 Pilgrim Old Regular Church

Pilgrim Old Regular
Pilgrim Old Regular 

In the early 1800's this church was known as the Franklin Freewill Baptist Church whose members were active in the Underground Railroad in Ripley County.
MM 6.7 Cross SR 48
MM 7.6 County Rd 900 N Morgans Camp in St Paul's Cemetery

Morgans Camp in St Paul's Cemetery
Morgans Camp in St Paul's Cemetery

Morgan's Raiders camped in the field which is now occupied by the cemetery.
Morgan set up headquarters in the house just across County Road 900N at its intersection with Indiana State Road 101.

MM 10.0 Cross Central Railroad of Indiana

Sunman Town Hall
Sunman Town Hall

MM 12.4 Intersect SR 46, LT
MM 16.1 East Mill Street – Morris LT – Note this intersection is easy to miss.
MM 16.3 LT Church Road - go under underpass
MM 16.4 County Road 500 E LT. At 19.9 you willl pass an arrow which indicates a right hand turn. Do not turn, go straight.
MM 21.8 - Intersect SR 48
MM 23.5 Intersect Old Milan Road, LT
MM 26.4 – Underground Railroad Stop 5 at intersection of Chapel Street in Old Milan, turn Tour stop 5 marks the road you were driving on. The Old Milan Road was called the Aurora Road. It travels from Old Milan to Lookout on Indiana State Road 129. This was the route traveled by fleeing slaves as they traveled from the Ohio River to Napoleon and points north.

MM 26.9 Just before intersection of Chapel Street and Berlin Street in Old Milan, Underground Railroad Stop 4 on right.
Tour Stop 4 marks the spot where the Milan Freewill Baptist Church stood, an active anti-slavery church at the time. The state of Kentucky had a reward out for the minister, Reverend Charles Ide for his anti-slave activities.

MM 27.7Intersect SR 101 – Go straight across onto the Old Milan Road.
MM 27.8 Underground Railroad Stops 2 and 3 on right at the intersection of Old Milan
Tour Stop 3 indicates the old road, now the Old Milan Road, which was the route runaway slaves were brought from Manchester Station. These in turn had been brought in from Rising Sun and Aurora.

Stephen Harding Home
Stephen Harding Home

Tour Stop 2 is the Stephen Harding Home, Red Gate. It was Station 7 on the Underground Railroad. Slaves were brought in at night in wagons with hay or straw piled loosely over them. The house is across the road. Slaves were kept in the attic where there were beds which allowed them to sleep in some comfort after they were fed in the cellar.A narrow passageway led to the attic. This station operated from the late 1830's until 1863.

Road and Indiana State Road 101. - Steven S Harding Home Red Gate
MM 28.5 Intersect SR 350, LT
MM 28.7 Intersect Country Club Drive, RT
MM 28.7 Pass Golf Course

MM 29.5 Intersect Carr St, RT
Cross Indiana State Road 101
MM 30.7 Back to Town Hall

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