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Hartsville, Indiana

Hartsville, Indiana

Exploring Indiana's Historic Sites, Markers & Museums - South Central Edition
Exploring Indiana's Historic Sites,
Markers & Museums
South Central Edition
County - Bartholomew
Area Total - 0.3 sq mi
Elevation - 761 ft (232 m)
Population (2010) Total - 362
ZIP code - 47244
Area code(s) - 812

Hartsville, Indiana is located on Indiana State Road 46, .65 miles from the Decatur and Bartholomew County line. Founded in 1832, Hartsville derives its name from Gideon B. Hart, an early settler. The post office was established in 1838.
Gideon Blackburn Hart (Oct. 29, 1798 - Feb. 22, 1854)
The fifth son of Joseph and Nancy Hart, Gideon was native to Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee. His father, a teacher, provided him with an education which he used, at age 20, to teach in a local school. The money he earned as a teacher, he used to purchase a horse and traveling gear. In 1820, he traveled to Palestine, Illinois, near the Wabash River. He taught school there for a few months, and then traveled to Vincennes to inspect the prospects in Indiana, as his father wished to immigrate to Indiana. From Vincennes, he went to Bartholomew County. He decided to settle there and returned to Kentucky. He returned with them around 1821 and settled in the area that is now Hartsville. After settling in Indiana, he married Hetty A. Taylor, with whom he had nine children. He gained election as sheriff by beating his opponent in a corn-husking contest. The men divided a pile of corn into two piles while at a corn husking. The other men present agreed they would all vote for whoever won the contest. Hart beat his opponent husking corn, and thus the election.
Hartsville College

Hartsville was home to Hartsville College, which was chartered on January 12, 1850. It was first known as Hartsville Academy. Hartsville College burned down on January 30, 1898 and was not rebuilt. Milton Wright, the father of Orville and Wilbur Wright, served as theology professor at this college from 1868 to 1869. He was a student at the college in 1853 when he met his wife to be Susan Koerner.

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