Hoosier Dusty Files - October 04, 1897 - Huntington College Opened as Central College

A Year of Indiana History - 2016
A Year of Indiana History - 2016

October 04, 1897 - Huntington College Opened as Central College
Arising out of Hartsville College, Huntington College classes opened on October 4, 1897 as Central College in Huntington, Indiana.
Hartsville College
Voters of Haw Creek Township voted to establish a college in Hartsville on April 3, 1847 and commenced building the structure. The United Brethren Church had designs of establishing a college in the area when it heard of the new college. The voters transferred ownership of the college to the church in 1848. The church finished the structure. The Indiana Legislature chartered it as Hartsville College on January 12, 1850. The Assembly changed this designation to "University" on February 8, 1851. In March 5, 1883, they changed the designation back to college... Central College in Huntington, Indiana absorbed the university on July 15, 1897. The building burned on July 15, 1897, possibly the result of arson.
Hartsville, Indiana
Gideon B. Hart founded Hartsville in 1832. The town received a post office in 1838. Milton Wright, father of Orville and Wilbur Wright, served as the pastor of the Hartsville Church of the United Brethren from 1859 through 1869. He was the professor of theology at Hartsville College from 1868 through 1869.
Central College
The General Conference of the United Brethren Church began the process of opening Central College in 1896. Bishop Wright offered a prayer of dedication at a cornerstone laying ceremony in August 1897.  Hartsville College closed in April 1897, with the operations moving to the new College at Huntington, Indiana. Workers completed the main classroom administration building on June 1, 1897. The school's Board of Education elected the Hartsville schools president as president of the new college on September 1, 1897. The board named the new school Central College because of its more central location at the same session. The school transferred the Hartsville students to Huntington and continued operations at the new site.
Name Changes
By May 1917, the school had become successful and changed its name to Huntington College. Huntington College became Huntington University in 2005.

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A Year of Indiana History - 2016
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