Hoosier Dusty Files - May 03, 1912 - Henderson Motor Company Incorporated

A Year of Indiana History - 2016
A Year of Indiana History - 2016

May 03, 1912 - Henderson Motor Company Incorporated
Brothers Ransom P. Henderson and Charles Pemberton Henderson founded the Henderson Motor Company at the intersection of North Capitol Avenue and West Vermont Street in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 3, 1912. Formerly associated with the Cole Carriage Company of Indianapolis, the brothers operated the Henderson Motor Company from 1912 through 1915.
Charles Pemberton Henderson (October 21, 1869 - May 24, 1949)
A native of Poplar Flat, Kentucky, Henderson married Etta Rogers in 1898. After living in Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia C. P. Henderson ended up in Indianapolis with his brother Ransom to help run the Cole Carriage Company. During the Cole Carriage Company's reorganization into the Cole Motor Car Company, the brothers founded the company that bore their name.
Henderson Motor Company
The brothers introduced their car during the second Indianapolis 500 Mile Race. The car was the first to feature wire spoke wheels as a standard feature and utilized a new invention by race driver Ray Harroun. The invention was a carburetor that could use either gasoline or kerosene with a simple adjustment. The carmaker offered four different styles, a touring car, a coup, roadster and a five-passenger car. Charles Henderson's two sons, William and Tom Henderson founded the Henderson Motorcycle Company in 1912

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