Hoosier Dusty Files - March 27, 1871 - Scottsburg Indiana Platted

A Year of Indiana History - 2016
A Year of Indiana History - 2016

March 27, 1871 - Scottsburg Indiana Platted
The Indiana General Assembly formed Scott County, using portions of Jackson, Jennings, Jefferson, Clark, and Washington Counties to make the new county. The county takes its name from General Charles Scott, Governor of Kentucky. The county organized on February 1, 1820.
General Charles Scott (April 1739 – October 22, 1813)
Son of Samuel Scott, Charles Scott was born in Virginia. His mother's name is lost to history. She probably died when he was about six and his father died when he was sixteen. He received a basic education and enlisted in the Virginia Regiment after his father died.
Military Career
He served during the French and Indian War under George Washington. He saw action at Braddock's Defeat and other actions, rising to captain before he left the military. When hostilities broke out in the early stages of the Revolutionary War, Scott raised a company of men. The Virginia Assembly eventually created two regiments, with Scott's becoming the 2nd Virginia. The men of his company elected him lieutenant colonel. The 2nd Virginia joined the Continental Army in 1776. Congress commissioned him as a brigadier general in 1777. During the Charlestown campaign in 1780, the British captured him. They ransomed him out in 1782. At war's end, he was discharged on September 30, 1783.
Settlement in Kentucky
In 1787, he settled near Versailles Kentucky. He also played a role in the formation of the Legion of the United States that fought battles during the Indian Wars late in the Eighteenth Century. The Legion was in existence from 1792 until 1796. In 1808, the voters of Kentucky elected him the fourth governor of the state.
Scottsburg, Indiana Designated New County Seat
Lexington served as the first county seat; however, it was in the eastern portion of the county. During the time Scott County was formed, roads were poor and travel difficult. Thus, the citizens wanted a central location that offered easier access to all the citizens of the county. Henry K. Wardell and William Estill platted Scottsburgh on March 27, 1871. The town takes its name from Colonel Horace Scott, who was the president of the Jeffersonville, Madison and Indianapolis Railroad that went through town. Scottsburg became the new county seat, with the new courthouse finished in 1874. The post office later changed the name to Scottsburg.
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