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Hoosier Dusty Files - March 24, 1913 - Great Flood of 1913 - Record Flooding Across Indiana

March 24, 1913 - Great Flood of 1913 - Record Flooding Across Indiana
A Year of Indiana History - 2016
A Year of Indiana History - 2016

The morning of March 24 began with tornados and heavy winds that reached over fifty miles per hour. The winds ripped roofs off buildings and downed trees. By evening torrential rains developed that would total over eight inches in some areas. Ground still stiff with winter's frost sloughed off the rain, casting it into the rivers. The Wabash, White and Ohio Rivers spilled over their banks. By evening on the twenty-fourth, the waters reached near the top of the levees.
Fort Wayne Hardest Hit
The floodwaters breached the levees at Fort Wayne by March 25. The rains continued to fall and the floodwaters continued to rise. The floodwaters forced the mayor to shut down the water system, eliminating the people's source of drinking water. They would have to boil floodwaters to have water to drink. No drinking water was actually the least of their problems. The floodwaters flooded homes and businesses. The flood forced the electric utilities to shut down and destroyed large sections of railroad track. Damage to rail lines and roads left many communities with no access to the outside world for weeks. By March 26, the storms had stopped and the waters began receding. Seven people died in the floods and 15,000 were homeless. Businesses and homeowners suffered property damage of almost five million dollars.

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