Hoosier Dusty Files - March 14, 1850 - Ossian Indiana Incorporated

A Year of Indiana History - 2016
A Year of Indiana History - 2016

March 14, 1850 - Ossian Indiana Incorporated
Named after a legendary Scottish poet, town officials incorporated the town of Ossian on March 14, 1850.
Town Founded
William Craig, John Ogden and Squire LaFever laid out the town that would become Ossian in 1846. Town officially named the town Ossian after the Scottish poet. The post office, which had been called Bee Creek, became the Ossian Post Office. The Fort Wayne and Bluffton Plank Road Company built a plank toll road connecting Ossian with Bluffton and Fort Wayne in 1850. The Fort Wayne, Cincinnati & Louisville Railroad went through the town in 1869. The town is located on Indiana State Road 1, southwest of Fort Wayne between I-469 and US 224. The town of just over 3000 residents has developed into an industrial city with about 25% of its jobs in manufacturing.
According to accounts by Scottish poet James McPherson, he traveled to Scotland in 1760. While there, he collected oral poems in Gaelic from Scottish narrators. The narrators claimed that the oral poems were ancient in origin. McPherson translated the poems and published them, beginning in 1760 and ending in 1765. The poems became popular across the world. Controversy over the authenticity of the poems has swirled around the academic world ever since.

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