Hoosier Dusty Files - February 9, 1866 - George Ade Born in Kentland, Indiana

A Year of Indiana History - 2016
A Year of Indiana History - 2016

February 9, 1866 - George Ade Born in Kentland, Indiana
George Ade (February 9, 1866 – May 16, 1944)
One of seven children born to John and Adaline (Bush) Ade, George attended Purdue University, graduating in 1891. While at the University, he worked as a reporter for the Lafayette Call. After graduating from Purdue, he traveled to Chicago and took a position with the Chicago Morning News. His college friend, illustrator John T. McCutcheon, already worked there. The two men would form a lifelong friendship. Ade first worked as a reporter and after he proved his writing skills, the newspaper put him in charge of a column. Ade's column, Stories of the Streets and of the Town, became one of the most popular features of the newspaper. McCutcheon illustrated the column. In this column he used the fictional characters Artie, a young office boy; Doc Horne, a gentlemanly liar; and Pink Marsh, a black shoeshine boy to illustrate life on Chicago's streets. He used a story form called the fable to illustrate his points. This style of writing would become his trademark as his column reached national syndication.
Humorist, Writer Wealth and Rose-Ade Stadium
He published his first book, Fables in Slang, in 1899. He followed up with more books and screenplays. His writing made him wealthy and well known. He purchased land near Brook, Indiana and built a magnificent home. Later in life, he traveled the world and contributed to his favorite charities. He provided substantial funding for Purdue's football stadium. The stadium's name, Rose-Ade Stadium, reflects the university's gratitude.

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A Year of Indiana History - 2016
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