Hoosier Dusty Files - February 2, 1918 - Madison Brewing Company Goes Bankrupt

A Year of Indiana History - 2016
A Year of Indiana History - 2016

February 2, 1918 - Madison Brewing Company Goes Bankrupt
The growing temperance movement surrounding the Nineteenth Amendment led to Congress passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in December 1917. Indiana ratified the amendment on January 14, 1919. However, the effects of prohibition began taking their toll before passage as alcohol sales fell, driving many brewers to bankruptcy. This was true in the case of one of the nation's top brewers, the Madison Brewing Company.
Madison Brewing Company 
Madison, Indiana was home to one of the earliest breweries west of the Allegheny Mountains in 1823. Jacob Salmon established a brewery on the south side of Lawrenceburg Road on the east side of Madison. This brewery disappeared, replaced by the Madison Brewing Company on the same site, established by Mathew Greiner in 1854. Greiner, a Cincinnati Brewer, made the decision to move his operation to Madison in 1854 and opened operations in his new four story building in 1856. The brewing complex included a fermentation room, cold storage beer cellar, and bottling works. Greiner and his sons brewed a beer called Madison XXX Ale. This ale grew in popularity and soon became distributed across the entire Midwest and as far south as New Orleans. By 1885, the Madison Brewing Company reached a capacity of 14,000 barrels per year.
Greiner Brewery Building
A portion of this brewery still exists in Madison. The Crowe's Nest Studio operates an art gallery in the building. The proprietor will conduct tours of the building on request. For more information contact:
Crowe’s Nest Studio
2415 N 300 E
City: Madison
State: Indiana
Zip: 47250
For more information about Madison, Indiana visit:
601 W. First Street
812-265-2956 or 800-559-2956

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