Hoosier Dusty Files - December 31, 1821 - Brookville Road Authorized

A Year of Indiana History - 2016
A Year of Indiana History - 2016

December 31, 1821 - Brookville Road Authorized
The Indiana Historical Bureau has installed a historical marker in Marion County that addresses the Brookville Road.
Brookville Road
10622 Brookville Road, Indianapolis. (Marion County, Indiana)
Installed by:
Installed: 2004 Indiana Historical Bureau, Environmental Law & Policy Center of the Midwest, and Southeast Civic Association
Marker ID #:
ID# : 49.2004.1
Marker Text:
Side one:
On December 31, 1821, a 78-mile state road was authorized from the Ohio border to Indianapolis through Brookville, to be built with required citizen labor. Commissioners filed a survey report June 24, 1822 for the Brookville State Road. On January 24, 1828, a turnpike company was authorized to build an improved road by bidding out sections.
Side two:
Brookville Road was the principal route for goods and people from here to Cincinnati. Road travel was difficult in the 1800s, taking days to reach destinations. Taverns provided shelter and food for travelers. Along the road in Warren Township, Marion County, taverns were kept by David Woods in the 1820s and Nathan Harlan in the 1830s - 1840s.
Brief History By the Author
The road, authorized by the State Legislature on December 31, 1821, construction of the road commenced in 1828. Most of the road still exists as US 52. This road has been straightened and widened over the years, however orphan sections still survive.
Surveyor Thomas Manwarring plated Brookville on August 8, 1808. Two men, Amos Butler and Jesse Brooks Thomas, owned the land the town occupied.
Amos Butler
Amos was the first person to register a deed for land in this beautiful spot between the East and West forks of the Whitewater River. He recorded his deed in 1804 and became the first documented settler of the town. Butler provided the greater part of the funds for the town.
Jesse Brooks Thomas
Thomas was the other landowner in town and named the town Brooks, his mother's maiden name. The name in the beginning was Brooksville, but over time, the name was shortened to Brookville.
The town became the county seat of Franklin County in 1811. Growth was slow until the government opened the United States Land Office in the town in 1825. The town went into a slump when the office moved to Indianapolis in 1835. The Whitewater Canal opened in 1839, provided a temporary boost to the town, and attracted many new businesses.  Because of its location between the two branches of the Whitewater River, the town was subject to frequent floods. The construction of the Brookville Dam and Reservoir has alleviated this problem, as well as providing an economic boost to the town from the recreational opportunities provided by the reservoir.
For more information on Brookville and Franklin County dining, lodging, canoeing and shopping, visit:
P.O. Box 97
Brookville, IN 47012
Email: Info@Franklincountyin.Com
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