America's Dusty Files - December 15, 1725 - 1725 Treaty of Boston

A Year of Colonial American Frontier History
A Year of Colonial American Frontier History

December 15, 1725 - 1725 Treaty of Boston
Most European Wars had their counterparts in the New World during the period of European colonization. The War of Spanish Succession, the Nine Years' War and the Seven Years War all had accompanying conflicts in the New World. During these wars, the European settlers sought out alliances with native tribes. The French especially became quite adept at this, as their relations with the native Amerindian tribes were always much better than the British. They encouraged their native allies to attack British settlements when the occasion arose. To counter this threat, the British sought to sign peace treaties with the local tribes, pledging them to remain neutral in the event of conflict. The 1725 Treaty of Boston was one of these treaties
1725 Treaty of Boston
Signed in Boston on December 15, 1725 the Boston authorities entered into a peace agreement with many of the native tribes in the New England area. This treaty is important because it laid the foundation for many later treaties. The treaty requested that the tribes submit themselves to the British king in the same way that they had submitted to the French king. This clause was problematic, because the various tribes had not, in their mind, submitted to the French king. Thus, they felt this promise meant nothing to them. The British promised not to interfere in the native’s right to fish, hunt or farming activities. In return the tribes promised:
"We also the said Delegates in behalf of the Tribes of Indians Inhabiting within the French Territorys who have assisted us in this War, for whom we are fully Impowered to Act in this present Treaty. Do hereby Promise and Engage that they and every of them shall henceforth lease and forbear all Acts of Hostility Force & Violence towards all and every the Subjects of His Majesty the King of Great Britain."
In spite of this treaty, and many others, hostilities continued.
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A Year of Colonial American Frontier History

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