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Title of Marker:
Borden Institute Site
301 West Street at school drive, Borden or New Providence. (Clark County, Indiana)
Installed by:
1995 Indiana Historical Bureau and West Clark Community Schools Gifted/Talented Program
Marker ID #: 10.1995.1
Marker Text:
Coeducational school founded 1884 by William W. Borden primarily to serve children of southern Indiana farmers. Low-cost, progressive program included teacher preparation and laboratory-based scientific studies. School closed 1906. Borden also established library and museum with extensive geological collections.
Brief History by the Author
William Borden was the son of John Borden, who founded the town he named New Providence in 1816. He named the town after his native town, Providence, Rhode Island. William gained wealth from his association with the silver mines in Lead City, Colorado. He became a scholar and philanthropist. He founded the Borden Institute in 1884 to use as a teacher college. He also pursued scientific studies in a laboratory environment. The Borden Institute closed in 1906. The community used it as their high school until 1955. The neglected building fell into disrepair and had to be torn down in 1983.
Borden also established a museum, library and built a magnificent mansion overlooking the town. The town changed its name to Borden to honor him. The museum still exists, as does the mansion. The mansion is a private residence but the museum is a community center.