Greendale, Indiana

A Visit to Aurora and Lawrenceburg, Indiana
A Visit to Aurora and Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Greendale, Indiana
County - Dearborn
Area Total - 6.1 sq mi
Elevation - 528 ft
Population (2000) - Total 4,296
ZIP code - 47025
Area code(s) - 812

Revolutionary war veteran Captain John Crandall settled on the ridge above the Ohio River, and then called Pleasant Ridge, shortly after the 1795 Treaty of Greenville between General Anthony Wayne and the various Amerindian tribes of current Indiana and Ohio. George Rabb, another early settler, also established himself on the Ridge. Stephen Ludlow platted Greendale, Indiana in 1852 on a high ridge that overlooks the Ohio River Valley. It is adjacent to Lawrenceburg, Indiana that it also overlooks. Greendale has four public parks. Dearborn Trail begins at the intersection of East William and High Street in Greendale.
State Road 1 creases the north edge of the town as it wends its way to State Road 46 and Interstate 74. Indiana State Road 1 begins at an intersection with US Route 50 on the south edge of town.
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City of Greendale
500 Ridge Avenue
Greendale, IN 47025

Danny Miller Park
Greendale Park - Public Pool
Lorey Park
Schnebelt Park
Greendale Cinema
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