Mansfield Village

Mansfield Village
Mansfield Village

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Mansfield Village
Visitors can also enjoy historic Mansfield Village. Mansfield Village hosts several popular events each year. Venders sell a wide variety of arts, crafts and foods at these events. The Mansfield Covered Bridge Festival in October is the most popular, but there are many others including the Mansfield Village Mushroom Festival and the Mansfield Village Cornbread & Bean Day.
Mansfield Covered Bridge
Built in 1867, the 247-foot Burr Arch Construction Bridge is the longest covered bridge in Parke County, a county famous for its covered bridges. Joseph J. Daniels built the bridge. Daniels migrated to Park County in 1850 and began a bridge building career in 1861, during which he would build twelve covered bridges in Parke County. Nine of his Parke County bridges still survive. He built twenty-eight bridges in Indiana of which eighteen survive. The bridge is open to foot traffic at all times. During festivals, people fill the bridge, admiring its beauty and construction techniques. Photographers can capture incredible photos from a wooden deck that allows scenes of the bridge, mill and village.
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State Historic Site
In 1991, the Indiana State Museum acquired the mill through the generosity of its owners. The State of Indiana restored Mansfield Mill allowing visitors to see the still intact machinery on the three-story mill. The turbine that powers the mill still functions in lieu of the more familiar water wheel. For more information on the mill, contact:
Historic Mansfield Roller Mill
6089 South Mill Road
Mansfield, IN 
(765) 344-1412