Aurora, Indiana

View of Ohio River from Lesko Park, Aurora Indiana
View of Ohio River from Lesko Park, Aurora Indiana
A Visit to Aurora and Lawrenceburg, Indiana
A Visit to Aurora and Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Aurora, Indiana
Aurora is a southeastern Indiana town on the Ohio River. Located on US 50, Indiana State Roads 48, 56 and 350 begin their westward journey in Aurora. Indiana State Road 350 connects Aurora with Osgood, Indiana to the west. Indiana State Road 56 links it to Rising Sun, Indiana to the west.
History of Aurora
Platted in 1819, Aurora derives its name from the Roman Aurora, the goddess of dawn. Trustee Jesse L. Holman filed the plat on January 14, 1819. Cincinnati resident Charles Vattier purchased the land from the United States Government on September 18, 1804. Dearborn county residents purchased the land from Vattier in 1819. The plat marked 206 lots and six public squares. The first public auction of lots in Aurora took place on April 13, 1819. Aurora, Indiana has a history as an important river port on the Ohio River. The town saw some settlement as early as 1796. An engagement of the Revolutionary War took place on the banks of nearby Laughery Creek. On August 24, 1781 Chief Joseph Brant, a leader of the Mohawk Indians, intercepted Colonel Archibald Andrew Lochry near the site of what is now Aurora and massacred or captured the unit under Lochey's command. A memorial is located at River view Cemetery in Aurora.
River View Cemetery
Established in 1869 on the banks of Laughery Creek on the site of Lochrey’s Massacre, the thirty-acre cemetery includes a historical marking the massacre and contains the graves of over 13,000 people.  Located at the intersection of Indiana State Road 56 and East Laughery Road, the cemetery is a serene resting place.
Aurora Ferry
Shortly after the town's founding, Aurora granted a license to operate a ferry to Boone County, Kentucky to one Phillip Craig in 1819. Early ferries provided a much-needed link between Aurora and Kentucky, across the Ohio River. Horses walking on a treadmill provided power for a pair of side mounted paddle to the early ferries. The Aurora ferry would have horses providing power for the ferry until an ice gorge destroyed the ferry in 1918. The ferry operated until 1978 when the I-275 Bridge made it unprofitable.
Aurora Railroad Depot
The railroad depot was established on land originally settled by Scot John Gillis in the 1890's. Gills, a veteran of the American Revolution, constructed a two-room cabin on the site that the depot currently occupies. The Ohio & Mississippi Railroad Depot purchased the property in 1853. The first train departed for Cochran Indiana on April 4, 1854.
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The official Aurora website contains more history of the town as well as information regarding lodging, restaurants and shopping.
Aurora Website

Visitors can witness a variety of architectural styles in Aurora. These styles gave evidence of the town’s sporadic and sometimes rapid growth due to its prominence as both a busy port and later a railroad stop. The CSX railroad still maintains a line that passes through the town.
For more information about shopping, dining and lodging in Aurora, contact the Dearborn County Visitor Center.
Dearborn County Visitor Center
320 Walnut Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
Phone: 812-537-0814
Toll Free: 800-322-8198
Fax: 812-537-0845

Aurora Attractions
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Waterways Park
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Aurora City Park - Aurora Pool
Dearborn County Country View Golf
Mary Stratton Park
A Road of Thunder" Riverboat Regatta
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Aurora Alley Tour
Stone Eagle Golf Club
Put A Round Miniature Golf
City of Spires Historical Museum and Foundation Inc.
Camp Shore Camp Ground
Veraestau Historic Mansion
Hillforest Historic Mansion
Lesko Park
Herman Leive House
Busse Farm
Aurora Marina And Campground
The Southeastern Indiana Art Guild
Dearborn Trails – Aurora – Lawrenceburg – Greendale Indiana
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