Indiana Photo of the Day - Grandview, Indiana

Grandview Indiana - Sandy Creek Landing
Grandview Indiana - Sandy Creek Landing

County - Spencer
Area - 0.96 sq mi
Elevation - 394 ft
Population (2010) - 749
ZIP code - 47615
Area code - 812
Platted in 1851, the town derived its name from its "Grand View" of the Ohio River. The creek that skirts the eastern boundary of the town, visible from a riverfront park in Indiana State Road 66, is called Sandy Creek. Visitors will find two historical markers in the park, Sandy Creek Landing and Thomas Lincoln.
Sandy Creek Landing
According to the Sandy Creek Marker, early settlers called the area near the creek Sandy Creek Landing. This area was across the Ohio River from Blackford Creek, Kentucky the site of Fort Blackford. Here an Amerindian trail known as Warrior Trail connected Hardinsburg Kentucky in the east to Owensboro, Kentucky on the Ohio River.  Fort Blackford was about halfway along this forty-five mile trail. Settlers would camp around Fort Blackford as they waited for William Henry Harrison to conclude the Treaty of Grouseland in 1805. When the treaty became official, settlers poured across into the newly opened lands. The land office to purchase lands was a three-day ride west to Vincennes. Most of the new settlers erected temporary cabins near here to settle in until they had their lands purchased. Then they would move on.
Thomas Lincoln Family
According to the second marker, Sandy Creek Landing is where the Thomas Lincoln family crossed the Ohio from Kentucky in 1816, the same year Indiana became a state.
The small park here, on the Ohio River Scenic Byway, truly affords a "Grand View" of the Ohio River, especially at sunset.

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