Exploring Indiana's Historic Sites, Markers and Museum - South Central Edition

Exploring Indiana's Historic Sites, Markers & Museums - South Central Edition
Exploring Indiana's Historic Sites, Markers & Museum
South Central Edition

Take a fun road trip through the rich history of Indiana using Exploring Indiana’s Historic Sites, Markers & Museums South Central Edition as your guidebook. Celebrate the Indiana Bi-Centennial by traveling the roads and towns in Southeastern Indiana. Visit Indiana’s first state capital, Corydon, in Harrison County. The counties included in this historical travel book include:


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Bartholomew County

Brown County

Crawford County

Floyd County

Harrison County

Jackson County

Lawrence County

Monroe County

Orange County

Washington County

Discover the beautiful hills of Brown County by visiting Brown County State Park. Experience living history at historic Spring Mill State Park with its working gristmill and pioneer Village. Enjoy the magnificent French Lick Resort with the historic casino.

History comes alive at Indiana’s first state capitol at Corydon, also the scene of the only Civil War battle fought in Indiana. The pages of Indiana’s Civil War history come alive as you follow Morgan’s Trail east. South Central Indiana has much to offer the history lover and those wanting to learn more about Hoosier State heritage.

Celebrate the Indiana Bi-Centennial in style as you wander through history using Indiana’s Historic Sites, Markers & Museum. This guide is part of the Indiana Bicentennial History Road Trip Guide Series. The nine books in this series will list every Historic Marker, Indiana Historic Site and most of the museums found in Indiana. Each Indiana History Guide Book will include contact web sites for the towns and cities of Indiana to help you plan your lodging, dining and shopping needs as you tour Indiana learning the wonderful history of the superb state of Indiana.

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