A Day in Indiana History - February

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Learn about Indiana history a day at a time. Ideal for history lovers or home school history teachers, A Day in Indiana History – February teaches the historical facts about Indiana in an easy to understand format.
Indiana’s bicentennial approaches us during the year 2016. This event presents an ideal time to teach the history of the state of Indiana. Formed from the vast Northwest Territory in 1803, the Indiana Territory eventually became five states. Indiana was the first of these states, achieving statehood on December 16, 1816. Explore Indiana’s rich history from its early days of French settlement.

This volume includes the following articles:

February 2, 1918 - Madison Brewing Company Goes Bankrupt

February 8, 1901 - Indiana University Plays Its First Basketball Game

February 14, 1851 - Act Approving Formation of Indiana State Board of Agriculture

February 24, 1887 - Black Day of the Indiana General Assembly

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