A Visit to Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park
2221 Clifty Drive
Madison In, 47250

A Visit to Clifty Falls State Park
A Visit to Clifty Falls State Park
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There are two entrances to Clifty Falls State Park. The North Entrance is on State Road 62 a few miles west of its intersection with US 421. When you pull in this entrance, Clifty Shelter is to the right. This is a big shelter with lots of room for picnicking. There is a large field suitable for soccer, badminton, etc. The south entrance is on State Road 56, which also goes east into downtown Madison. Clifty Inn is on the left of this entrance after you ascend the hill.

Clifty Falls State Park Activities:
1414 Acres
Nature Center/Interpretive Naturalist Services
Hiking Trails
Tennis & Other Games
Meeting & Conference Facilities - At Clifty Inn
Clifty Inn and Restaurant
Swimming Pool / Waterslide

Clifty State Park Hiking Trails
Twelve hiking trails that total 12 miles. Most of these trails are quite rugged. Trail 2, which follows the boulder-strewn Clifty Creek, bed, makes a tough and beautiful hike. The stair on the north end that leads to Clifty Shelter has been out of service for years, so there is no access to the Shelter from this trail. By stringing trails 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 8 hikers can circumvent the Canyon. This "Canyon Loop" is approximately seven miles long and will take about six hours of leisurely hiking. It is necessary to hike a short distance along Clifty Drive to connect with Trail 6 at Hickory Grove with Tunnel Falls. The loop follows the east rim of the Canyon. Then it descends into the valley and crosses Clifty Creek. From the creek, it climbs a long, wildflower lush slope to follow the western rim of the Canyon. The last trail of the loop is Trail 8 that emerges just north of Clifty Shelter.

Nature Center/Interpretive Naturalist Services
The nature center, located near Clifty Inn, has information on the park's interpretive and recreational programs.

Picnic Shelters
Clifty Shelter - located near the north gate off Indiana State Road 62. From this shelter, visitors may view Clifty Falls, picnic, use the large play field, hike or just relax. Hiking trails 8 and 7 begin near this shelter. Trail 2, which traverses the creek bed, is not accessible from the shelter.
Hickory Grove Picnic Shelter - Trail 6 begins here. This shelter overlooks the canyon. This is the first picnic area past Clifty Shelter, on the right as you drive south on the main road.
Oak Grove Picnic Shelter - The park road branches just past Hickory Grove. Keep going straight to get to this, the third shelter south of Clifty Shelter on the drive. Access to Trail 5, Tunnel Falls and the Tunnel is from this shelter.
Baby Beech Picnic Area - This picnic area, located near the swimming pool, has a large play field and access to hiking trails 9 and 10.
Poplar Grove Picnic Area - Poplar Grove has a large play area and access to Trail 3. It is on the main drive near the Canyon.
Cragmont Picnic Shelter - located on the east loop of Clifty Drive, this picnic shelter has a large playfield. There are no trails leading to this picnic shelter.

In addition to the six picnic shelters, visitors will find numerous picnic tables located in odd nooks and crannies along Clifty Drive overlooking the canyon.

Tennis & Other Games
There are tennis courts near Clifty Inn

Clifty Inn
1314 Clifty Hollow Rd.
Madison, IN 47250
Situated on a bluff overlooking the Ohio River, Clifty Inn has sixty-three rooms. Thirty-seven of these have balconies with a view of the Ohio River and downtown Madison Indiana. There is also an indoor pool. There are also four suites and banquet and conference rooms. Visitors may make reservations online. https://cliftyinn.dnr.state.in.us/
Clifty Inn has a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.
Clifty Inn Amenities
Indoor swimming pool, Wheelchair accessible and available aquatic wheel chair.
Large sun porch to set back and relax while overlooking the Ohio River
Rooms and Suites to accommodate almost any need.
Sitting room - Nature Niche
Game room
Unique Gift Shop with Great Indiana products
Free Wireless Internet throughout the Inn
Complimentary Coffee/ Hot Tea Station
Satellite Television
Bonfire pit- overlooking the Ohio River
Free parking
There are many lounging areas throughout the Inn. These are great for games, playing cards, or reading that good book.
Full service Dining Room
Onsite catering for meetings or banquets
Free Wireless Internet

Clifty Falls State Park Waterfalls
Clifty Falls State Park draws its name from Clifty Falls that tumbles sixty feet into the canyon below. Clifty Falls is visible from an overlook near Clifty Shelter. Clifty Shelter is on the north end of the park. There are three other waterfalls in the park, none of which are visible from the main drive. Access Little Clifty falls after taking a short hike of about one quarter mile from Clifty Shelter. There are some impressive steps to climb on the way to this falls. Tunnel Falls, so named for its proximity to an old railroad tunnel, is just a short distance from the main drive around the park. Again, there is a stairway to descend down to the trail. Access the Hoffman Falls by descending another long stair down to the trail.
Big Clifty Falls - 60'
Little Clifty Falls - 60'
Hoffman Falls - 78'
Tunnel Falls - 83'

Camping at Clifty Falls State Park
The campground is near the center of the park. Signs will direct you there. The outdoor pool is near the campground. You may drive to it, or use Trail 9, a one-mile moderate hike from the campground. The campground has 106 Class A sites. It also has 59 Class C sites. Class A campers have access to modern restroom and shower facilities. Class C sites have pit toilets. Many sites will accommodate
Trailers. There are no modern wastewater hookups. Dump station available. Make reservations at this link. http://www.indiana.reserveworld.com/
Electric- 106 sites
Non-electric - 63 sites
Youth Tent Areas
Dumping Station

Swimming Pool / Waterslide
Clifty Falls State Park has a swimming pool, waterslide and wading pool. The pool is open Saturday before Memorial Day and no later than Labor Day. It is on the eastern part of the park and has access to Trails 9 and 10.

Observation Tower
A short hike up Trail 1 from the Inn, the Observation Tower provides a stunning view of the Ohio River Valley.

Nearby attractions to Clifty Falls State Park:

Madison,  http://indianaplaces.blogspot.com/2014/07/madison-indiana.html nestled among the hills on the banks of the Ohio River, is in one of the prettiest settings for a city in our state. With a population of about 12,000, it has a renovated downtown. Visitors will find antique shops, various retail establishments, bed and breakfasts, and restaurants. The riverfront boasts the awesome Riverfront Park. Bricked sidewalks with landscaped areas, this well designed park are the site of the Madison Regatta. This event features the Unlimited Hydroplane Race and boat races in which boats attain speeds of over 200 MPH.

The Ohio River Bridge here crosses into Kentucky via US 421.

State Road 56, east of Madison, goes towards Vevay, Rising Sun, and Lawrenceburg. It is about an hour or so drive to the riverboat casinos in Rising Sun and Lawrenceburg. The highway hugs the river for most of the distance and is a pretty drive. Along the way, you will pass Markland Locks and Dam. This facility controls the river level and makes the river consistently navigable for the barges. The locks are on the Kentucky side of the river. To visit them, drive over the bridge that spans the river over the dam.

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