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Ferdinand Historical Walking Tour

Ferdinand Historical Walking Tour

The one mile walking tour of Ferdinand, Indiana features over forty historic buildings with unique architectural features. Maps are available at the web site.
The buildings include:
St. Ferdinand Catholic Church (Built in 1848): 341 East 10th Street
St. Ferdinand Church Rectory (Built in 1897): 840 Maryland Street
Kindergarten Building (Built 1898): Maryland Street
Ferdinand National Bank (Built in 1865): 855 Maryland Street
Ferdinand Olinger House (Built in 1910): 202 E 7th Street
Richard Gehlhausen House (Built in 1910): 821 E 8th Street
Boeckman House (Built in 1905): 811 E 5th Street
Eiberg House (Built in 1870): 135 Main Street
William Boeckman House (now Harvest Moon) (Built in 1906): 210 Main Street
Olinger House (Built in 1906): 205 W. 3rd Street
Frank Heidet & Son (Founded in 1865, structure built in 1936): 325 Main Street
Barth House (now Tin Lizzie’s) (Built 1870): 430 Main Street
J. Herman Beckman House (Built in 1870): Corner of 6th and Main Street
Saalman-Haake House (Built in 1890): 123 W. 6th Street
Goepferich House (Could be older than the community itself): 605 Missouri Street
Beckman House (Built in 1900): 715 Main Street
Gohman Bldg/Indiana Hotel (Built in 1860): 835 Main Street
Hubert Quante Building (Built in 1897): Corner of 9th and Main Street
Kundek Monument (Built in 1988 by Ferdinand Historical Society): Corner of Kundek and Main Street
Beckman State Bank (now Universal Design) (Built in 1923): 910 Main & Kundek
Olinger Building (now Fleig’s CafĂ©) (Built 1908): 905 Main Street
Oasis (Built in 1909): 935 Main Street
Weaver-Backer House (Built in 1917): 955 Main Street
Dr. Alois Wollenmann House (Built in 1903): 1150 Main Street
Gehlhausen House (Built in 1895): 1305 Main Street
Joseph Linder House (now House of Flowers): 1325 Main Street
Sonderman House (Built in 1903): 1420 Main Street
Sonderman Store (now Antique Emporium) (Established 1893): 1440 Main Street
Harry Gehlhausen House (The White House) (Built 1870): 2060 Pine Drive
Weyer House (Built in 1905): 1415 Virginia Street
Hubert Beckman House (Built in 1912): 214 W 13th Street
Dr. Metzger House (Built 1910): 244 W 13th Street
John Hoffman House (Built in 1865): 1225 Virginia Street
Adam Jacobe House (Built in 1900): 1115 Virginia Street
Frank Muller House (Built around 1915): 945 Missouri Street
Ed Muller House (Built in 1916): 935 Missouri Street
Peter Muller House (Built in 1865): 314 W 9th Street
Leonard Muller House (Built in 1912): 123 W 9th Street
Vincent Metzger House (Built in 1880): 211 E. 11th Street
Chapel of our Sorrowful Mother (Built in 1877): 10th Street just south of the Monastery
Monastery Immaculate Conception (Built in 1886): 802 E 10th Street

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