Patoka River

Patoka River

Patoka River
Length - 167 Miles
The Patoka River rises in the Hoosier National Forest in southeastern Orange County, approximately 10 miles southeast of Paoli, Indiana. The river's name comes from an Indian word meaning "log on bottom". It flows through Orange, Dubois, Pike and Gibson Counties. It is navigable from its junction with the Wabash River for 146.6 river miles (within Greenfield Township, Orange County).

Patoka River in Dubois County
Length - About 47 miles
The Patoka River in eastern Dubois County makes up the western portion of Patoka Lake. The river spills over the dam back into its course just east of Indiana State Road 545 at Lick Fork State Recreation Area. From this point it flows a general northwest course, with a lot of meandering, forming large oxbows, crossing Indiana State Road 545 twice. About 5.5 miles southwest the Patoka River reaches the town of Dubois, crossing Indiana State Road 545 for the third time.About 15.5 miles southwest the river crosses Indiana State Road 162 just south of Jasper. The river forms the eastern bourdary of Alvin C. Ruxer Golf Course. About 3 miles south of the highway the Straight River joins it from the east. About 3 miles west Patoka River crossed US 231. About 18 miles west, after a lot of meandering, the Patoka River leaves Dubois County and enters Pike County. Note, the river milages are approximate. The river is navigable by canoe during its entire course through Dubois County.
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