Oxbow, Inc - Lawrenceburg, IN

Oxbow, Inc  - Lawrenceburg, IN
Oxbow, Inc.  - Lawrenceburg, IN

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Oxbow, Inc
P.O. Box 4172
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

The Oxbow is a broad floodplain where the Great Miami River empties into the Ohio. This area where three states - Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky - come together, is near Lawrenceburg, Indiana, seventeen miles downstream from Cincinnati.

The Oxbow is a heavily-used staging area where migrating birds refuel and rebuild their energies. The area is essential to their distant northern breeding grounds and southern wintering areas. Without the Oxbow these migrants might reach their northern nesting areas without the reserve strength essential to raising new broods of healthy young birds.

To get to the upper Oxbow parking area go south on US Hwy 50 from the I-275 #16 exit. In about 200 yards, turn left (east) at the edge of the Shell/Subway and go over the levee to the front of the cement plant. Turn right and go to the Oxbow entrance sign. Turn left into the Oxbow. The upper parking area is immediately on the right .

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