Friday, January 13, 2012

Morgan's Raid in Jefferson County

Morgan's Raid in Jefferson County

The John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail enters Jefferson County from Jennings County as it follows Indiana State Road 7. It will turn west at the town of Dupont on County Road 1050 N, then south to skirt Big Oaks National Wildlife Area. Morgan, of course, went due east from this point but the trail now has to skirt what was formerly, and a portion still is, a US Military base. The Trail rejoins Indiana State Road 7 for about 2.7 miles before turning east again on County Road 400 N which it follows for about three miles at its intersection with US 421 N. The Trail turns north on US 421 for about 8.2 miles as it enters Ripley County. Points of Interest 16 and 17 are located in Jefferson County. The map and guidebooks may be purchased here.

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