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Whitewater River - Indiana

Whitewater River - Indiana
Whitewater River - Indiana

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Whitewater River
Length in Indiana - About seventeen miles
The Whitewater River is formed from the union of the East and West Forks of the Whitewater River in Franklin County a little south of Brookville, Indiana. The West Fork rises in Randolph County, the East in Wayne County. The Whitewater River crosses Franklin and Dearborn Counties before exiting the State of Indiana and entering Ohio. The river valley's watershed is steep, creating the swiftest river in Indiana as it drops an average of six feet per mile. The swift water affords some excellent canoeing opportunities along most of its length.

Whitewater River in Dearborn County
 Length - About 7.71 miles
The Whitewater River enters Dearborn County about 9.75 miles southeast of the junction of the East and West Forks in Franklin Counties. About three miles southeast of the county line, it passes under Interstate 74 and Indiana State Road 46. The Whitewater River passes out of Dearborn County and into Ohio about 4.55 miles east of this intersection.
Canoe Trip
There is one canoe trip in Dearborn County on this stretch of the Whitewater River. It begins in Franklin, County near Laurel at Whitewater Canal Feeder Dam at Laurel. This park is located on Dam Road on the east side of the Whitewater River. To get to Dam Road from Indiana State Road 121, go east on Pearl Street. You will cross the Whitewater River. Dam Road is the first road to the right after you cross the river. There is a small park on the right side of the road about one mile from the intersection. The take out point is a bridge that crosses the Whitewater River on the Indiana State Line near the intersection of State Street, Campbell Road and Jameson Road in West Harrison, Indiana. This is a 26 mile, nine hour canoe trip and is very popular in the summer months so the river may be crowded. There are canoe liveries in the area that rent canoes over this stretch of water.
 River Information
The Indiana Department of Natural Recourses has compiled a plethora of information about canoeing opportunities along the Whitewater River. To see this information about the Whitewater River, click the link.

Attractions along the Whitewater include:

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