Fall Fork of Clifty Creek

Fall Fork of Clifty Creek
Length -
The Fall Fork of Clifty Creek rises in Decatur County just west of Greensburg east of County Road 350 W and Indiana State Road 46 and south of Base Road. It flows through Decatur County and into Bartholomew, finally entering Clifty Creek southwest of Hartsville.

Fall Fork of Clifty Creek in Bartholomew County
Length - About 3 miles
It flows into Bartholomew County from Decatur County between County Road 200 N and County Road 300 N after crossing County Road 1200 E. It crosses County Road 200 N twice before flowing northwest to its junction with Clifty Creek southwest of Hartsville and a little north of Indiana State Road 46. An interesting feature of the Fall Fork of Clifty Creek is a large waterfall called Anderson Falls.
There are two whitewater rafting trails on this creek. The put in for the first is at the western crossing of County Road 200 N. The take out spot is just above Anderson Falls. This is a 1.3 mile difficult run.

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