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Clifty Creek

Clifty Creek
Length - Approximately -
Clifty Creek rises in Rush County about three miles north of Richland between County Roads 600 S and 450 S near East Fry Road. It crosses Rush, Decatur, and Bartholomew Counties before emptying into the East Fork of the White River south of Columbus.

Clifty Creek in Bartholomew County

Length - Approximately 17 miles
Clifty Creek enters Bartholomew County southwest of Burney, Indiana as it crosses County Road 200 S in Decatur County which becomes County Road 700 N in Bartholemew County. Clifty Creek flows south to Hartsville, where it parallels Indiana State Road 46 for several miles. After intersecting Indiana State Road 9, it crosses 25th Street in Columbus and continues to flow west to Parks include McCullough's Run Park., where it turns southwest. It crosses US Route 31 just north of County Road 50 N. It flows past Clifty Creek Park. It then intersects Indiana State Road 46 and continues on southwest, finally emptying into the East Fork of the White River southwest of County Road 300 S.

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