Clifford, Indiana

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Exploring Indiana's Historic Sites,
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Clifford, Indiana

County - Bartholomew
Township - Flat Rock
Area - Total 0.1 sq mi
Elevation - 659 ft
Population (2010) - 233
ZIP code - 47226
Area code(s) - 812
Founded in 1853, Clifford is northeast of Columbus at the intersection of County Road 250 E and County Road 550N a short distance from CR 550N's intersection with North Marr Road. The post office, established the same year, is on Mill Street.
The following history is summarized from an account compiled by Ellen E. Capper
Delaware and Potawatami
Until 1829, the Potawatami and Delaware Indians lived in the area known as the Hawpatch plateau. The name originates from name derives from the thick growth of Haw trees that covered the area. The thick, fertile soils attracted pioneers to the area. William Connor visited the area in 1816 on a flatboat that he floated down the Flat Rock River.
White Settlement
He came with trade goods to exchange with the natives that lived in the area. Early resident John Hamner moved into the area in 1819 and found large number of wigwams in the eastern region of the Flat Rock, Driftwood and Blue Rivers. By 1829, the natives had vacated the area. The first white child in the area, John Tipton Lindsey, was born in 1819. The October 6, 1818 Treaty of St. Mary's opened the land up for settlement and land sales at Indianapolis, Brookville or Jeffersonville began. Settlers in the area flooded into the land offices to claim land. The rich soils in the area assured that the land sold quickly, which it did.  Flatboats plying the Driftwood and Flatrock Rivers provided the main means of transportation out of the area for the agricultural goods produced by the farmers until 1844. The Madison & Indianapolis Rail Road completed its tracks to Columbus that same year, providing a better method of transportation.
David Richardson purchased the land that became Clifford on October 2, 1823. Thomas Markland and his son-in law Isaac P. Watson platted the town of Clifford and executed the plat on September 2, 1853. The town grew quickly and soon included churches, schools, mechanics, general store, blacksmith, sawmill and other mainstays of a pioneer town. The town incorporated on April of 1883 and still exists in the peaceful Indiana countryside. For more, visit this link.