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US Route 421

US Route 421.

US Route 421 is 941 miles long. The southern end commences just west of Wilmington, North Carolina where it intersects US 17. It travels northwest across North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and into Indiana where it completes its journey on the northern border of Indiana at Michigan City at an intersection with US 20. On its way north it traverses Jefferson, Ripley, Decatur

US Route 421 In Jefferson County, Indiana
Length in Jefferson County - approximately 13.4 Miles

US Route 421 enters Jefferson County from the south over the Milton-Madison Bridge which crosses the Ohio River from Milton, Kentucky. It becomes Harrison Street as it enters Madison and about .2 miles north it intersects Second Street which it follows for two blocks, turning right on Baltimore Street. One block north it intersects Indiana State Road 56/Main Street where it turns left. Five intersections, or about .2 miles, it turns right (north) and becomes Jefferson Street. About 3.8 miles north, after climbing out of the Ohio River basin, it intersects Indiana State Road 62. About 2.1 miles north of this intersection the former Jefferson Proving Ground, now Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge, comes into veiw on the left. About 7.1 miles north of this point US Route 421 crosses into Ripley County.

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US Route 421 In Ripley County, Indiana


US 421 enters Ripley County on the south end as it crosses Jefferson County Road 1200 N. It travels northeast to its intersection with US Route 50 in Versailles. It follows US Route 50 for about a mile, then branches off north. It intersects Indiana State Road 350 in Osgood about four miles from its divergence from US 50, and then intersects Indiana State Road 229 at Napoleon about five and a half miles further north. US Route 421 leaves Ripley County just under three miles northwest of Napoleon and enters Decatur County.

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