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Interstate 74

Interstate 74

The main section of Interstate 74 begins, in the south, at an intersection with Interstate 75 in Cincinatti, Ohio. It runs northwest into Indiana, across Illinois and ends Davenport, Iowa. Short sections of Interstate 74 also occur in West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.

Interstate 74 in Indiana.

Interstate 74 enters Indiana from the east just north of West Harrison, Indiana and exits on the western border six and a half miles after it crosses the Wabash River. On the way it circumvents Indianapolis via Interstate 465. From the west it crosses Fountain, Montgomery, Boone, Hendricks, Marion, Shelby, Decatur, Ripley and Dearborn Counties.

Interstate 74 in Ripley County


From the west Interstate 74 enters Ripley County at the Batesville Exit, Exit 149. It travels 8.39 miles across the northern tip of the County, exiting about 1.6 miles east of the Sunman exit, Exit 156. Approximately two and a half miles west of the Batesville Exit there is a rest stop, the only one between Cincinatti and Indianapolis. The Batesville exit allows access to Indiana State Road 46 and Indiana State Road 229. Indiana State Road 129 may also be accessed by driving east on Indiana State Road 46. Indiana State Road 46, which runs parallel to Interstate 74, may also be accessed from the Sunman exit. This exit also accesses Indiana State Route 101,

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Interstate 74 in Dearborn County
Approximimate miles in Dearborn County - 13.8 miles
From the west Interstate 74 enters Dearborn County at approximately mile marker 158 as it leaves Ripley County. It intersects Indiana State Road 1 at Exit 164, just south of St. Leon. Access to Indiana State Road 46 is available about 400 feet north of the exit. The next exit is Exit 169 where US Route 52 leaves Interstate 74 as it travels northwest towards Brookville, Indiana. This exit allows another access point for Indiana State Road 46 and also the Harrison Brookville Road which travels east to West Harrison, Indiana. Interstate 74 leaves Dearborn County, and Indiana, at about mile marker 171 as it enters Ohio.

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