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Indiana State Route 101

Indiana State Route 101
State Road 101 in the U.S. state of Indiana is a north–south state highway in the eastern portion of Indiana that exists in four sections with a combined length of 79.42 miles (127.81 km).

First section

The southernmost portion of the route is 0.48 miles (0.77 km) long and connects Indiana 156 in Switzerland County with Interstate 71 U.S. Route 42 in Kentucky by crossing the Ohio River on the Markland Dam.

Second section - Indiana State Road 101 in Ripley County
Pilgrim Old Baptist Church - State Road 101, Ripley County
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Exploring Indiana's Historic Sites,
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Length - 17.47 miles long .
It begins at US Route 50 about seven miles east of Versailles and about five miles south of Milan, Indiana where it intersects Indiana State Road 350 and the CSX Railroad. From this intersection it continues north to its intersection with Indiana State Road 48 about three miles south of Sunman, where it crosses the Indiana and Ohio Railroad in the center of town and continues on its way to its intersection with Indiana State Road 46. It ends one half mile further north, intersecting Interstate 74 at Exit `156.

Indiana State Road 101 - Third Portion

The third portion of State Road 101 is 16.44 miles (26.46 km) long and starts at U.S. Route 52 in Brookville and runs north through the small town of Roseburg to State Road 44 in Liberty.

The fourth and final portion is 45.03 miles (72.47 km) long and has its southern terminus at State Road 124 in southeastern Adams County. Going north, it passes through the towns of Pleasant Mills, Rivare and Monroeville. It then crosses U.S. Route 30, passes through Woodburn, and crosses U.S. Route 24. The northern terminus is at State Road 1 and State Road 8 in eastern DeKalb County.

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