Paoli, Indiana


Paoli, Indiana
County - Orange
Township - Paoli
Area Total - 3.8 sq mi (9.8 km2)
Elevation - 623 ft (190 m)
Population (2006) - Total 3,933
Density - 1,016.0/sq mi (392.3/km2)
Time zone - Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)
ZIP code - 47454
Area code(s) - 812

The first settlers in the Paoli area arrived in 1811. These were a group of Quakers from Orange County, North Carolina who brought several freed blacks with them. The Quakers built a meeting house, the Lick Creek Meeting House in 1813. This was the first religious building constructed in Orange County. The freed slaves were given 200 acres of land in the forest, which they lived on and farmed and hired their labor out to neighboring farmers. A church and cemetary was built for their use.

The town of Paoli was established in 1816 from land purchased from Jonathan Lindley and Thomas Hopper and was made the seat of the newly formed Orange County. There are two origins for the name, the 12-year-old son of North Carolina’s governor at the time, Pasquale Paoli Ash, and Pasquale Paoli, political leader of the island of Corsica, the first democratic republic of the modern age, in the 18th century.

Two Indiana State Roads, 56 and 37, intersect in Paoli, and US 150 connects it with New Albany to the southeast and Shoals to the northwest. The town sits on the northern border of the Hoosier National Forest.

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