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Jackson State Forest Hiking Trails

[caption id="attachment_625" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Jackson State Forest Hiking Trails"]Jackson State Forest Hiking Trails[/caption]There are seven hiking trails at Jackson State Forest which total about nine miles. The trail descriptions are not meant to take the place of a map, nor are they meant to be detailed trail descriptions. Trail maps are available free at the entrance stations.

Trail 1
1.0 miles
This trail begins at the CCC picnic and camping area at the north end of the drive. Parking is on the left, the trailhead is to the right. The trail ascends the knob up to Jackson State Forest Pinnacle Peak, altitude 966 feet. There is an overlook at the top, the last hundred yards or so a fairly steep scramble over a gravelly rock strewn area. At the top is a good climbing tree, but be careful here as it is a long way to fall down. The trail is pretty steep in places and is a good workout. Allow about an hour to hike this one. For more information about this trail, click here.

Trail 2
1.75 miles
This is not a loop, you must either turn around or go back the way you came, return on Trail 3 to make a loop, or hike the road back to the beginning, where your car will be. It is fairly rugged with a 360 foot climb from the restroom in the CCC campground and picnic area on the north end of the park to High Point, which has an altitude of 985 feet. This is the highest point in Jackson State Forest. Allow at least two hours for this one. There is a connecting trail from Trail 1 at the Old Tower Site which runs east towards Trail 2. Once at the top the trail does some alternate climbing and ascending with one stretch of pretty steep descent with loose gravel underfoot. There are a couple of overlooks on top of the knobs, some pretty impressive oak and other trees. This is a good trail, but not for the squeamish.

Trail 3
1.0 miles
2.0 Moderate
The trailhead for this trail is near the north end of Knob Lake. Or you can start at the CCC barn near the youth camping area. This trail is not a loop, so you will need to return via the park road or make a loop out of it using Trail 2. Trail 3 provides some nice views of Knob Lake in the autumn when the leave thin out.

Trail 4
.75 miles
This trail is wide, graveled and easy. It is wheel chair accessible for one quarter mile and the rest is an easy hike. It doubles as a Tree Identification Trail with a brochure available at the Park Office. This one is a loop, starting and ending at the gatehouse near the park office. For more information, click this link

Trail 5
.25 miles
This trail begins by crossing a bridge at the north end of Jackson State Forest Knob Lake. It is primarily a fishin’ trail, but is a nice easy after lunch hike, too.

Trail 6
1.75 miles
Trail 6 is a loop trail which provides access Lake Pyoca for the fishermen. It is also a good hiking trail which can extend a loop involving Trail 10. This is the forest interpretive trail at the State Forest. There are twenty stations, explained by a brochure available at the state forest office. Expand you knowledge of the forest by using the educational purpose of this trail. Or just enjoy a pleasant hike through a beautiful forest.

Trail 10
3.0 miles
The trailhead for this trail is just west of the damn of Knob Lake, or you can also access it near the park office from Trail 6. From the trailhead near the lake, it is a pretty steady ascent before reaching the top of the knob. This is a fairly long trail requiring at least two to three hours to hike. There are some impressive trees on this one, as well as some wildlife areas.

A pretty good loop of the whole of the Jackson State Forest facility here can be hiked using Trail 10, Trail 2 and Trail 1. This would be a fairly ambitious day hike through some pretty rugged woodland.

There are three more trails available at nearby Skyline Drive totaling 9.6 miles

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