Herman Leive House

Herman Leive House
Herman Leive (September 3, 1842 - 1928)
A Visit to Aurora and Lawrenceburg, Indiana
A Visit to Aurora and Lawrenceburg, Indiana

The son of John Henry Leive and Gertrude Obermueller Leive, Herman was native to Oldendorf, Melle, and Hannover, Germany. The family migrated to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1860. Later the family moved to Aurora in Dearborn County, Indiana. While in Cincinnati, Herman apprenticed himself to a cabinet-maker and wood carver. Leive moved to Batesville for a while, and worked as a wood carver in the woodworking factory there. He returned to Cincinnati and married Margaret Schwake in 1863, with whom he would have five daughters. He then moved to Louisville, Kentucky, where he and his brother in law opened a grocery store. He continued working as a wood carver during this time. He returned to Aurora to works as a wood carver in the Aurora Chair Factory. By 1878, he collaborated with Henry Wolka and John Franz to form the Cochran Furniture Company. This business was successful and Leive went on to become active in other businesses, notably the Aurora Tool Works, Indianapolis Furniture Company and the Aurora State Bank.
The Herman Leive House
Constructed by the master brewer of the Samuel Langtree in 1851 - 52, Herman Leive purchased the property around 1900. The Leive family owned the home for eighty five years, three generations. The home changed hands several times and almost met the wrecking ball until 1998, when it was gutted and restored. About twenty-five articles of Cochran furniture decorate the interior. Not open to the public, the home currently serves as a bed and breakfast.
The Herman Leive House offers three large, comfortable bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. Rooms are furnished with antiques and collectibles that help make the home an appealing destination or a welcome resting place along the way.
Guests are invited to enjoy the 19th century parlor or the piano/TV rooms as places to visit, read, and relax.
The front and side porches offer pleasant views of Lesko Park, the town of Aurora with its historic steeples and spires, and the majestic Ohio River.
Guests are welcome to use the refrigerator and microwave in the kitchen.
203 Fifth St.
Aurora, Indiana


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