Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brownstown Farmer's Market


Brownstown Farmer's Market
Town Parking Lot
Walnut St.

Brownstown Farmer's Market runs from May 1 to Oct. 31 and everyone is welcome to participate. Only produce from Jackson County may be sold. Other goods allowed at the market are honey from bees owned by the seller, herbs, nursery crops, dried items, straw, baked goods and other homemade craft items.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Brownstown IN 47220

The BROWNSTOWN TOWN PARK has a playground, lake, picnicking and a shelter house which may be rented for special occasions.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holton, Indiana

Holton, Indiana
County - Ripley
Township - Otter Creek
Area - Total - 1.8 sq mi (4.6 km2)
Elevation - 909 ft (277 m)
Population (2010) - 480
Time zone - EST (UTC-5)
ZIP code - 47023
Area code - 812

[caption id="attachment_4543" align="aligncenter" width="240" caption="Puzzle - Holton Indiana- To Purchase Click Image"]Puzzle - Holton Indiana[/caption]

Holton is located on US 50 about seven miles east of Versailles, Indiana and just one mile north of Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge. The CSX Railroad line passes through the small community. It has a post office located on US 50.

Otter Creek Covered Bridge

Pine Hills Golf Course

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715 W. Bridge St.
Brownstown IN 47220

The BROWNSTOWN COMMUNITY POOL offers swimming lessons, events and private swimming lessons. It may also be rented for private events.

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Vallonia, Indiana © Indiana Places 2011


Vallonia, Indiana
County - Jackson
Township - Driftwood
Elevation - 535 ft (163 m)
ZIP code - 47281

Vallonia is located about three and a half miles southwest of Brownstown, Indiana on Indiana State Road 135. The town was settled by the French in the late 1700's. By 1810 the town had grown to include nearly 90 settlers. Native American Indian tribes, becoming defensive about the encroachment in their territory, began to harass the settlers. William Henry Harrison, governor of the Indiana Territory and based in Vincennes, ordered a stockade to be built at Vallonia. The defensive structures included a stockade, garrison and blockhouses. Two companies of Indiana Rangers were stationed at the Fort Vallonia.

After the Indians were removed from the area, the defensive structures became unused, and rotted away. In 1972 replicas of the original structures were constructed from detailed plans which survived. Every year in October the town holds an event called Fort Vallonia Days which attracts 30,000 people and includes reenactments, a flea market and parade.

Starve Hollow State Recreation Area

Fort Vallonia Museum

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Uniontown, Indiana


Uniontown, Indiana
County - Jackson
Township - Vernon
Elevation - 574 ft (175 m)
ZIP code - 47229
Land Area: - 61.816 sq mi
Population: - 934

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seymour, Indiana


Seymour, Indiana
County -Jackson
Area - Total -10.8 sq mi (28.1 km2)
Elevation - 604 ft (184 m)
Population (2010) - Total - 22,500
Time zone - EST (UTC-5)
ZIP code - 47274
Area code(s) - 812

Seymour, Indiana is located at Exit 50 on Interstate 65. US 50 bissects the city as it connects it with Brownstown to the west and North Vernon to the east. Indiana State Roads 11 and 238 also pass through Seymour. US Route 31 passes directly east of the city. The CSX rail line intersects the Louisville and Indiana Railroad in the center of Seymour, where there is a transload facility for the two rail lines.

Schneider's Nursery

Chateau de' Pique Winery

Freeman Army Airfield Museum

Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge.

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Medora, Indiana


Medora, Indiana

County - Jackson
Township - Carr
Area - 0.3 sq mi (0.8 km2)
Elevation - 528 ft (161 m)
Population (2010) -Total - 693
Time zone - Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)
ZIP code - 47260
Area code - 812

Medora is noted for its 438-foot (134 m) long triple span covered bridge, the longest covered bridge still standing in the United States. The Medora Covered Bridge was restored in 2000. It is connected to the world via Indiana State Road 235 which crosses the CSX Railroad near the center of town.

Medora Covered Bridge

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crothersville, Indiana


County - Jackson
Township - Vernon
Area - 1.1 sq mi (3.0 km2)
Elevation - 558 ft (170 m)
Population (2010) - Total 1,591
Time zone - EST (UTC-5)
ZIP code - 47229
Area code(s) - 812

Crothersville was first settled around 1848. The town was surveyed by a gentleman named John Hamacher, who named it Haysville. Mr. Crothers, a railroad agent, promised to build a depot at the site if the residents would rename the town Crothersville.

Crothersville is bissected by US 31 on a north/south axis. The Louisville and Indiana Railroad also runs through the town. It is near I-65, but there is no interchange at Crothersille, the nearest being Austin, Indiana, about five miles away.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Brownstown, Indiana


Brownstown, Indiana

County_- Jackson
Township - Brownstown
Area - 1.4 sq mi (3.7 km2)
Elevation - 623 ft (190 m)
Population (2010) - 2,947
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
ZIP code - 47220
Area code(s) - 812

On April 8, 1816 the town of Brownstown was founded. It became the county seat of Jackson County in November, 1816. The town was named after Gen. Jacob Brown, a hero of the War of 1812.

US Route 50 bissects Brownstown, Indiana, connecting it with Seymour to the east and Bedford to the west. Indiana State Road 250 branches off US 50 on its way to the Ohio River. The CSX rail line touches the northern edge of the town. Indiana State Road enters from the southeast and Indiana State Road 135connects it with Vallonia to the southwest.

Jackson-Washington State Forest



Brownstown Farmer's Market

Shieldstown Covered Bridge

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Morgan's Raid in Ripley County

Morgan's Raid in Ripley County

Morgan's Raid in Ripley County

Morgan's Raid in Ripley County
Morgan's Raiders entered Ripley County on July 13, 1863. They came from the west, entering from Jefferson County. Rexville, now on US 421 south of Versailles, was their first stop. The main body of Raiders traveled next to Versailles, but another contingent traveled north on the Michigan Road to Napoleon and into Decatur County. This group later rejoined the main group after visiting New Point in Decatur County, Huntersville and then Batesville. The main group of Morgan’s Raiders traveled east, burning bridges and confiscating money and jewelry along their route. They would also take fresh horses.

Morgan in Versailles
Morgan in Versailles

Morgan in Versailles
Construction on the first courthouse in Versailles occurred in 1821 in the center of the town square. This building required replacement by the 1860's. The county began construction on a new building during the years 1860 – 1863. The Civil War slowed down construction on the building. The courthouse was the target of John Hunt Morgan’s Civil War Raid in July 1863. Organization of a militia to defend the town was undertaken. It disbanded in the face of Morgan’s far superior and better-armed force. Morgan had about 2,000 troops and a cannon. He threatened to use the cannon on the newly completed Court House in Versailles, Indiana if any of the natives resisted his troops. Morgan’s troops confiscated the county treasury, food, possessions and livestock.

Morgan's Raid at Sunman, Ripley County Indiana
Morgan's Raid at Sunman, Ripley County Indiana

The Indiana Historical Society has placed along the route commemorative markers. At Rexville, Versailles, on the Milan Road at the Hassmer home, just north of Versailles; at Pierceville, Old Milan at Governor Harding's Home, and at St. Paul's Church south of Sunman, the Ripley County markers show that "Colonel John Morgan passed here on July 12, 1863", They encamped briefly near Sunman before leaving the county and entering Dearborn County.
Morgan's Raid at Sunman, Ripley County Indiana
Morgan's Raid at Sunman, Ripley County Indiana
Exploring Indiana's Historic Sites,
Markers & Museums
South East Edition
Exploring Indiana's Historic Sites, Markers & Museums - South East Edition

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Jackson County Community Theatre


Jackson County Community Theatre
121 West Walnut Street
PO Box 65
Brownstown, IN 47220

The Jackson County Community Theatre is a local not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing quality live theatre productions for Jackson County and surrounding communities. Our actors and crew are members of our community; we welcome anyone interested in theatre to join us.

The Jackson County Community Theatre's first production was in 1971. The first Board of Directors was formed in 1972, and we acquired the Royal-Off-the-Square Theatre building in 1974.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Damm Theater

Damm Theater
117 N. Buckeye Street
Osgood, IN 47037


Opened in 1921 as the Columbia Theater by Gottlieb and Emma Herman and Richard Beer, the theater was purchased by Louis Damm and opened as the Damm Theater on February 22, 1922. A dance hall was on the second floor of the theater building.

The Damm family settled in Osgood, Indiana having emigrated from Bavaria in 1868. The Damms owned an earlier Damm Theater in Osgood which they opened in 1914, nearly across Buckeye Street from the present Damm Theater. When the Damms purchased the Columbia Theater, the Damm name was transferred to the new Columbia.

The theater was used as a community theater in addition to its use as a first run theater. During the silent film days, a piano-console Wurlitzer player organ was installed. In the depression, the organ was repossessed by the area Wurlitzer agent J. W.Whitlock of Rising Sun, Indiana. The Damm Theater dance hall also contained a Wurlitzer orchestration for dance music.

The theater was run by the Damm family until 1989 when Viola Damm passed on. Other than the removal of the organ, in 1989, the Damm Theatre was magnificently intact right down to the crushed red velvet and electrified gas lamps on the walls. Viola Damm was a delightful lady who made the best popcorn east of the Mississippi! She was highly apologetic about filling the piano pit with concrete.

In June 2008, the fourth stage of renovation was completed with the lighting of the marquee.

The Damm officially reopened on December 29, 2008 and is now open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday screening recent films. The theater is equipped for the hearing impaired.

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Ripley County Movies Theaters

Chateau de' Pique Winery


Chateau de' Pique Winery
6361 N County Rd 760 E
Seymour, IN 47274

Chateau de' Pique Winery is located on 80 acres near Seymour, Indiana. A 6000 square foot tent is available to rent for your special ocassions and will seat 350 people. There is a tasting room to sample their wines.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ripley County Underground Railroad Driving Trails

 Ripley County Underground Railroad Driving Trails
 Ripley County Underground Railroad Driving Trails
Exploring Indiana's Historic Sites, Markers & Museums - South East Edition
Exploring Indiana's Historic Sites,
Markers & Museums
South East Edition

Underground Railroad in Ripley County

The Underground Railroad has a strong tradition in Ripley County as many residents were involved in the movement of escaped slaves from the south. Napoleon, Indiana was a center for the Underground Railroad as several routes intersected there. A number of buildings, which still stand, were involved in this movement. A tunnel was even built under the busy Michigan Road, to move escaped slaves from one building to another. Osgood also saw heavy involvement, being at a terminus of routes coming from the south and east. Old Milan, just north of Milan, also played an important role, being on the route from Aurora and Lawrenceburg.

Ripley County Underground Railroad Driving Trails

The Ripley County Historical Society offers a brochure that outlines five driving tours that list places in Ripley County that were important in the Underground Railroad. The tours all begin at the Ripley County Courthouse in Versailles. Interested visitors may obtain the booklets at the Ripley County Historical Society on the Courthouse square in Versailles or from a rack outside the Ripley County Tourism Bureau's welcome center on US Route 50.
For more information, contact:

Ripley County Tourism Bureau
PO Box 21
220 East US 50
Versailles, IN 47042

Ripley County Historical Society
Courthouse Square
P. O. Box 525
Versailles, Indiana 47042

Southern Indiana Center for the Arts


Southern Indiana Center for the Arts
2001 N Ewing St
Seymour, IN
(812) 522-2278

The Southern Indiana Center for the Arts provides a stimulating and welcoming environment for all students, artists, and patrons of all ages to study, practice, and appreciate the arts. The Southern Indiana Center for the Arts is housed in an 1851 two-story brick mansion owned by recording artist John Mellencamp. It is a Greek revivalist style with Italian details on the porches.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jackson County


Jackson County
Founded January 1, 1816
Named for Andrew Jackson
Seat - Brownstown
Total - 513.75 sq mi (1,331 km²)
Land - 509.31 sq mi (1,319 km²)
Water - 4.44 sq mi (11 km²), 0.86%
Population - 42,376
Congressional district- 9th
Time zone - Eastern:

Neighboring Counties - Brown County, Monroe County, Jennings County Scott County Lawrence

The first settlement in Jackson County was at a village called Driftwood, which was located at the junction of the Whitewater River and the Muscatatuck River. Jackson County has the distiction of having had the first recorded train robbery in the United States on October 6, 1866. The Reno Gang, later dubbed the Jackson Gang, robbed the Ohio & Mississippi Railway of $10,000.

The towns of Jackson county are Brownstown, Crothersville, Medora, Seymour, Uniontown, and Vallonia.

The Hoosier National Forest occupies a portion of the northwest corner and Jackson-Washington State Forest occupies a portion of the southern part of the county.

Interstate 65 travels along the eastern boundary of the county just east of Seymour. It is paralleled by US Route 31 through most of the county. US 50 bisects it on an east/west plane, and north/south, intersecting US 50 west of Brownstown. Indiana State Road 258 connects Indiana State Road 11 with Indiana State Road 58. Short Indiana State Road 235 connects Medora with US Route 50 to the north and Indiana State Road 135 to the east. Indiana State Road 39 connects US 50 to Indiana State Road 56 in Washington County. The north/south Louisville and Indiana Railroad intersects the east/west bound CSX at Seymour, Indiana. Indiana State Road 250 Connects Brownstown with Patriot on the Ohio River. Indiana State Road 256 traverses the extreme southern tip of the county.

The Muscatatuck River forms most of the southern boundary of Jackson County. It is bounded on the west by Jennings County, on the north by Bartholamew and Brown Counies, on the west by Lawrence County and on the south by Washington County.

Jackson County Indiana Agricultural Tour

Dining - Jackson County

Lodging - Jackson County

Jackson County Shopping

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Orange County Dining

Orange County Dining

1875 - The Steakhouse
Address: 8670 W State Road 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-9300

Casual fine dining in this elegant steakhouse, with open kitchen adds a unique twist on comfort food. House specialties include the signature tomato juice tasting and baked lobster Mac 'N Cheese.
33 Brick Street
Address: 480 S. Maple St., French Lick
Phone: 812-936-3370

Full service sports themed restaurant and bar. Families welcome. Specialty menu items and classic favorites. Large selection of fine wine, spirits, imports and draft beer. Several HD TVs throughout. Non-smoking.
Ballard's Bar
Address: 8538 West Baden Avenue, West Baden
Phone: 812-936-9300

Enjoy cocktails and light fare while basking in the glorious atrium of the West Baden Springs Hotel.
Black Buggy Amish Restaurant
Address: 8331 West St Rd 56, West Baden
Phone: 812-936-5390

A truly unique dining and shopping experience. An Amish tradition of excellence. Serving Sunday lunch buffet. Hours are as follows: Mon-Thurs 11:00 am - 8:30 pm; Fri-Sat 11:00 am - 9 pm; Sun 11:00 am - 5 pm.
Boatyard Restaurant at Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park
Address: 8505 W St Rd 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-3866

Buffet and a la carte family dining with a large variety of items in a seaside atmosphere.
Café at Sinclairs
Address: 8538 West Baden Ave, West Baden
Phone: 812-936-9300

Fine breakfast and lunch fare. Children's menus are also available.
Chicago's Pizza
Address: 8498 WST 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-2962

Non-smoking, family friendly pizza restaurant including sandwiches, pasta and salad bar.
China Garden
Address: 8371 WSR 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-7557

Experience an expansive, blended menu of the finest Beijing, Hunan, Mongolian and Shanghai cuisine. Each dish is prepared to order.
China Wok
Address: 346 N. Court St. , Paoli
Phone: 812-723-1888

Authentic Chinese cuisine. Lunch buffet offered.
Dairy Queen
Address: 8493 WSR 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-4282

DQ something different. Offering tempting foods and cool treats such as Grillburgers, chicken and fish, salads and delectable ice cream treats including ice cream cakes.
Address: 8695 West Jack Carnes Way , French Lick
Phone: 812-936-6030

Denny’s is the most recognized name in family dining providing good food and service for more than 50 years. With approximately 1,500 restaurants across America, Denny’s is the largest full-service family restaurant chain in the United States. Providing real breakfast 24/7
Diamond Jims Trattoria
Address: 8670 W State Road 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-9300

Expansive menu of American favorites from eggs Benedict to specialty cut steaks. Located adjacent to the casino floor.
El Compadres
Address: 162 S Court St, Paoli
Phone: 812-723-0340

Authentic Mexican Cuisine conveniently located on the town square.
French Lick Coffee Company
Address: 8647 College Street, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-6012

Let the aroma of hand-picked, roasted coffee fill your senses. Offering breakfast and lunch items in the deli featuring baked goods, cool sandwiches, panini, baked goods, salads and desserts.....of course specialty coffee and tea. Indoor and outdoor seating available.
French Lick Winery & Vintage Café
Address: 8145 W Sinclair St, West Baden
Phone: 812-936-2293

Enjoy award-winning wines while dining in the Italian cafe, featuring pizzas, pastas and more.
Galley Grill at Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park
Address: 8505 W St Rd 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-3866

Casual family fare! Pizza, hamburgers, Dippin' Dots and smoothies. Classic family-fun food located in the Treasure Chest Arcade at Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park.
German Café
Address: 656 N Gospel St., Paoli
Phone: 812-723-3007

Journey through the fine cuisines of Germany. All of our dinners are made fresh and cooked to order. Relax and allow us to provide you with an authentic German dining experience. Guten Appetit! Hours are as follows: Tues.-Fri. 11-2, 5-8:30; Saturday 5-8:30; Sunday and Monday - open for private parties only.
Grand Colonnade Buffet
Address: 8670 West State Road 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-9300

Casual a la carte and buffet-style dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring a variety of cuisines including Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Southern.
Address: 1160 W St Rd 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-9300

Enjoy clubhouse dining with an expansive menu. Enjoy lunch and dinner with wonderful panoramic views of The Donald Ross Golf Course year round.
Address: 789 N Gospel, Paoli
Phone: 812-723-4133

Offering the original thick burger made of 100% Angus beef. Also serving a large selection of breakfast items including Texas Toast Breakfast Sandwiches.
Jody's Restaurant & Lounge
Address: S Maple St, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-2871

Restaurant and bar featuring daily specials, traditional homemade pizza, fresh steaks cut daily and hickory smoked baby back ribs with homemade sauce.
Just off the Brick Pizza
Address: 8639 W Main St, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-3044

Home of the $5.00 oven-baked sub. Specialty pizzas are available.
Lee Wally's Tavern at Big Splash Adventure Indoor Water Park
Address: 8505 W St Rd 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-3866

Rest and relax with cocktails in the atmosphere of a seaside tavern. Enjoy beverages and light menu dining. Non-smoking, casual atmosphere.
Long John Silvers
Address: 909 N Gospel, Paoli
Phone: 812-723-5329

A quick-service, seafood restaurant serving real meals. Featuring batter-dipped fish, chicken and shrimp, along with fries, coleslaw and hushpuppies. A feel good, lighter menu is also available featuring delicious, premium seafood selections.
Lost River Market & Deli
Address: 26 Library St, Paoli
Phone: 812-723-3735

Self-service deli open daily with fresh salad bar selections, prepared sandwiches and hot soups.
Maple St. Restaurant
Address: 157 N. Maple St, Orleans
Phone: 812-865-2223

Family style home cooking restaurant featuring steaks, seafood, daily specials and a kids menu.
Miguel's Mexican Restaurant
Address: 8345 WSR 56 , West Baden
Phone: 812-936-9200

Authentic Mexican cuisine, as well as American specials. Dine in or carry out.
Mineral Springs
Address: 126 SE Court Street, Paoli
Phone: 812-723-4648

Family style restaurant in a historic hotel providing daily lunch specials and Friday evening steak specials.
Address: 8670 W State Road 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-9300

Satisfy your hunger without leaving the gaming floor with salads, sandwiches, pizzas, specialty wraps and delicious desserts.
Old Town Subs
Address: S St Rd 37, Orleans
Phone: 812-865-4800
Paoli Country Club & Steakhouse
Address: 1345 Leonard Circle, Paoli
Phone: 812-723-2110

Dine with a beautiful view of the Paoli golf course in a casual atmosphere. Serving lunch and dinner. High quality steaks served on Friday and Saturday evenings.
Paradise Pizza & Deli
Address: 124 S Maple, Orleans
Phone: 812-865-2259

Famous for pizzas, strombolis and deli for over 15 years. Daily lunch specials. Non-smoking.
Pizza Hut
Address: 407 SW 1st St, Paoli
Phone: 812-723-4600

Not just pizza! Dine-in or carry out. Fresh salad bar available, along with an extensive menu of many pizza varieties, wings, pasta and desserts.
Pluto's Pizza
Address: 8670 West State Road 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-9300

Offering homemade calzones, stromboli sandwiches and pizzas served whole or by the slice. Make sure and stop for a pretzel or a world famous Slot Dog!
Ring of Fire
Address: 6000 WCR 250 N, West Baden
Phone: 812-936-9199
Rowboat Café
Address: 8381 W St Rd 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-5288

Homestyle cooking with daily specials, plate lunches, breaded tenderloins, seafood, fish sandwiches, frog legs, catfish fiddlers and homemade pies. Dine in or carry out.
Scoops Coffee & Creamery
Address: 8670 W St Rd 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-9300

Savor your favorite treats as you relax on our front porch rockers. Enjoy specialty coffee and teas and an array of treats including ice cream, cookies and pastries.
Address: 1399 W Main St, Paoli
Phone: 812-723-2768

Old fashioned drive-up, walk-in service featuring fountain drinks, ice cream and homemade items.
Address: 8538 West Baden Ave, West Baden
Phone: 812-936-9300

Treat yourself to nostalgic foods that represent Indiana's culture and historic past. Delectable seafood first plate options, mouth-watering entrees and tempting desserts.
Spring No 8
Address: 8670 WSR 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-9300

Stop by for a delightful poolside snack and your favorite cocktail.
Sprudel's Snack Shop
Address: 8670 W St Rd 56, West Baden
Phone: 812-936-9300

Stop by for a delightful poolside snack and your favorite cocktail.
Address: 8524 WSR 56 , French Lick
Phone: 812-936-9770

Choose from a delicious variety of foot long and 6-inch sandwiches, salads and wraps, which are made from am assortment of meats, cheese, vegetables and other toppings.
Super Burger
Address: 600 W. Main St, Paoli
Phone: 812-723-4445

Restaurant in business for 30 years, meals are cooked to serve. "We raise the Angus beef we serve."
Taco Bell/KFC
Address: 925 N Gospel, Paoli
Phone: 812-723-9477

One restaurant, two very different menus to choose from. One extreme is Taco Bell, a Mexican-style quick service restaurant serving tacos, burritos, signature quesadillas, Grilled Stuft Burritos, nachos and other specialty items. Or chose from the home-style menu of KFC, specializing in chicken, prepared in one of their various ways, along with home-style sides.
T'berry's Café
Address: 8271 College St, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-4220

Small hometown diner serving country-style food. Breakfast served all day.
The Power Plant
Address: 8670 West State Road 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-9300

As soon as you enter this bar, you will see what sets it apart and how it got its name. A large electric switchboard, which once supplied the hotel with power, is on display. Menu includes salads, burgers and sandwiches.
The Roadside Café
Address: 3882 W US Hwy 150, Paoli
Phone: 812-723-2135

A 1950's nostalgic atmosphere featuring world famous hickory smoked grillin' and served in a friendly atmosphere. Open Saturday & Sunday 11:00am - 7:00pm.
Address: 750 N Gospel, Paoli
Phone: 812-723-5904

Old Fashioned hamburgers made fresh, just the way you like it. More than burgers are on the menu, including tasty chicken and fish, salads, baked potatoes, healthy sides and Frosties.
Xanadu Coffee & Creamery
Address: 8538 West Baden Ave, West Baden
Phone: 812-936-9300

Serving your favorite hot drinks and cold treats. Now proudly serving Starbucks Coffee.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pete Dye Course


Pete Dye Course
8670 W State Road 56
French Lick, IN 47432-9389
United States
Toll Free: (888) 936-9360

The 18-hole "Pete Dye Course" at the French Lick Springs Resort facility in French Lick, Indiana features 8,102 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72 . The golf course was designed by Pete Dye. The Pete Dye Course opened in 2009. The Pete Dye Course is ranked 134 on the "Best Modern Courses" list by Golfweek.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Donald Ross Course


The Donald Ross Course at French Lick
8670 West State Road 56
French Lick, Indiana 47432

The Donald Ross Course at French Lick was originally constructed in 1917 by world-renowned architect Donald Ross. The legendary The Donald Ross Course has been home to many regional and national tournaments, including the 1924 PGA Championship. The course underwent an incredible transformation in collaboration with the Donald Ross Society.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paoli Country Club Golf Course

Paoli Country Club Golf Course

Paoli Country Club Golf Course
1345 Leonard Circle
Phone: 812-723-2110


Paoli Country Club Golf Course's 9-hole regulation length golf course features a short layout, rewards good shots and provides a fun golf outing for everyone. Paoli Country Club Golf Course features 2,796 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 35. The course rating is 34.0 and it has a slope rating of 112. Paoli Country Club Golf Course was designed by Bob Leonard. The Paoli golf course opened in 1967.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pluto's Alley


Pluto's Alley
8670 West State Road 56
French Lick, IN 47432

Enjoy a strikingly good time at the six lane bowling alley at Pluto's Alley. Play video and pinball machines or shoot a game of pool in the arcade.

Pluto's Alley is a six-lane bowling alley located in the lower level of the French Lick Springs Hotel. Pluto's Alley also features an arcade with video games and pinball machines, and Pluto's Pizzeria serves up calzone, Stromboli and pizza. Parents can unwind with a cocktail at Pluto's Bar.

Monday, April 4, 2011

French Lick West Baden Indoor Karting


French Lick West Baden Indoor Karting
8331 W State Road 56
West Baden Springs, IN 47469-9655
(812) 936-5390

French Lick West Baden Indoor Karting offers group racing, league racing, all kinds of indoor kart racing.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Woodland Hills Campgrounds


Woodland Hills Campgrounds
8128 WCR 750 S
French Lick
Phone: 812-936-9140

Woodland Hills Campgrounds offers RV sites which have water and electric hookup. There is a bathhouse and dumping station on site. 80 seasonal campsites have RV overnight camping and tent camping. Woodland Hills Campgrounds is 1/2 mile from Patoka Lake, Painter Creek Boatramp. Water, Electric, & Dumptanks.

Amenities :
Dining Shelters
Group Camping
Pets on Leash
Picnic Tables
Recreation Field
Recreation Hall
Visitor Parking
Waste Dump

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