Wednesday, February 2, 2011

West Baden Springs Hotel


West Baden Springs Hotel
8538 West Baden Avenue
West Baden Springs, IN 47469
(888) 936-9360

The West Baden Springs Hotel is listed on the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana as an historic place. It was constructed in 1902, its huge dome comprising a state landmark. It operated until 1938 when it closed due to the economic depression of the 1930's. When constructed it was the largest free standing dome in the world, a title it held until 1913. It was the largest in the United States until 1963.

It operated since that time as a Jesuit Seminary, then a small college. The college closed in 1983, leaving the West Baden Springs Hotel empty. It deteriorated badly until it was purchased in 1996 by preservationists Bill and Gayle Cook. The property underwent extensive renovation and reopened as a hotel in 2007. Tours of the West Baden Springs Hotel are available.

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